February 27, 2010

Brotherly Love

My parents came up for a visit this weekend, which apparently gives the kid's rights to act like hellions. Don't let the picture above fool you. It may look sweet and innocent but I'm here to tell you the real deal.
Now granted we do have our sweet moments, where the boys are happy to see each other and have a good laugh or two, but when my parents come to town, the boys are determined to show them that they are definitely being "raised in a barn".

Let's see, where do I start? Maybe with the horror on my mom's face when Nate crushed Jack by using him as a stepping stool. Or maybe I should start with counting the number of times I used the expression, "Have you lost your mind?"

And the answer to the question above....Yes, I did lose my mind. Although nobody was asking ME.

My mom and I made a prison break to the mall where I picked up a book at Pottery Barn kids titled, "What Brother's Do Best". I anxiously opened it only to read the fluffy first line, "Brothers can share a delicious snack."
Maybe it was the mood I was in after having spent the day with my two angels, but I wanted the book to be a bit more realistic. I rewrote it. Here is my version of what "Brother's Do Best."

  • Brother's share toothbrushes - even when the oldest one has no idea.
  • Brother's give each other love taps...in the form of a pummel to the floor and never look back.
  • Brother's teach you how to sing....while the other is trying to watch T.V.
  • Brother's will help you find a toy.....the one they haven't played with in 4 years and now claim as their favorite.
  • Brother's will look out for your safety.....and recommend a "fair" punishment when you break a rule.
  • Brother's will show you how to climb..... out of a crib, on to a table, and to your death.
  • Brother's will share in bathtime fun....by empting the tub.
  • Brother's will help ensure you are up to date on your tetanus shots.....with their very sharp little teeth.
O.K. so maybe this might be a rough read before bedtime, but the illustrations would be worth every penny. The best part of the book is that when you flip it over, you can read what "Sister's Do Best." I can't wait to rewrite that one.

February 24, 2010

Animal Planet meets Discovery Science

Nate and I like to do puzzles together after dinner. Well actually Nate likes to do puzzles, and I just like to spend time with Nate. Tonight's puzzle was a giant butterfly.
"Mommy, how are butterflies made?"
Better that then babies. I had to think for second just to be sure I didn't confuse them with worms.
"Well, they grow from caterpillars and then they turn into butterflies."
So then I got the brilliant idea to grow our OWN butterflies.
"Hey Nate let's see if we can buy caterpillars online."

I'm no science teacher but I'm sure this is something I've seen at the Discovery Store. How hard can it be, grab a few caterpillars throw them in a net and feed them some leaves. Nate thought this was a fantastic idea. Granted it's not hard to get a 4 year old excited, but that's why I LOVE this age. He can get behind any cockamany idea.

We ran to the internet and searched for "Grow your own Butterflies". Sure enough we found 20 different choices. Now if I'm going to grow my own butterflies I need to guarantee I'm not going to get some dull moths. We did a little research and if anybody ever questions the value of marketing, I'm here to tell you it works. The bold red font, "No catching required!" SOLD.  In 3-5 business days we'll be on our way to butterfly bliss.

We then had to discuss how they would be delivered. I told him the caterpillars would come in the mail. Since our mail gets delivered into a slot in our garage door, Nate was concerned.
"But mom, if the mailman delivers our caterpillars they will crawl around the garage because we don't have a mailbox."
I had to laugh at the thought of the mailman hand delivering 5 tiny caterpillars into our mail slot.
"I'm pretty sure they come in a box."
At least I hope so....because I'm not about to chase 5 catepillars around our garage. More food for the rats. That's another blog.

I'll keep you all posted on our 3 week metamorphosis. I'm sure I just bought $20 bucks of pure entertainment.....

February 23, 2010

Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,
Did you send the latest storm because my husband doesn't recycle, or are you having an affair with Punxsutawney Phil? Either way, I need to voice my aversion for this weather. I know people say we need the rain, but last time I checked San Francisco had a rainfall total of 106% for the year. Are you trying to be an overachiever? Because you know you're not based on commissions here. Your accelerators don't kick in for anything over 100%. I know it's Winter, but I pay a premium to live in California. If I wanted to own an affordable home in a rainy climate I would move to Seattle. Instead we choose to rent, cram our stuff in storage, buy space saving backyard toys all for the promise of 364 days of sunshine. Somehow I'm feeling a bit jipped today. This feeling came on after I waded knee deep through the parking lot on my way to work, and struggled with closing my umbrella in the elevator.
And while we're at it, it was just cruel to send the rain to my vacation last weekend in Arizona. I purposely booked a get-away to warm locale, and when I googled the weather report, I started thinking this is no coincidence, I must have pissed off Mother Nature.
If you please let Spring come a little early this year, here is my solemn promise to you.
I promise to water the plants in our house, so that they actually look like plants again.
I promise to not let the kids run their trucks over the newly sprung daffodils.
I promise to bug my husband about the length of his showers. (That will benefit both of us.)

P.S. I have a trip planned to Palm Springs in late March. This could be the perfect opportunity for redemption. I will accept warm 70's even low 80's (but I don't want to push my luck.)

Thanks for taking the time to look into this matter. No need to respond, just send some blue sky and a temp. above 50.

Noah's neighbor

February 22, 2010

The Beauty of Friendship

If you've been following my blog, you know that I left my children in the hand's of my husband over the weekend. I can happily report:
1. No one was missing. (I counted.)
2. There was no blood. (Nothing that a black light couldn't find.)
3. They were fed. (Evidence of the Happy Meals Penguins in the bathtub.)
4. Nate made it to his Kindergarten evaluation. (I believe in a Spiderman shirt.....unsure about his hair.)
5. Jack only threw up three times. (When asked what he ate, "Just Mexican food". )

But a weekend away with my best friends was priceless. We laughed about college stupidity, and how we ever made it through. We saw a chick flick and happily did not have to beg any one of us to see it.  We shopped for hours without anyone kicking or screaming, and actually tried on clothes!

One thing is for sure there is something so special about hanging out with people who truly know you, and who truly care. We talked for hours, and still had more to talk about. It was such a nice change from the 7-9 minute conversations we typically have over the phone, between making dinner, shouting children, and something crashing in the background. There were no interupptions, only us saying, "Wait, you never told me what happened?"

We all went our separate ways on Sunday, some flying some driving. I went to gate C16 and Natalie went to gate C13. I realized even though we were 3 gates away, we were still traveling in the same direction. When you know somebody so well, you know that you'll never be that far apart. That's the beauty of friendship.

February 18, 2010

Motherly Advice for my Weekend Away

Dear Doug,

Since I'll be lounging by a pool in Arizona, with "no" cell coverage this weekend, I felt I should write you some helpful tips to keep life semi orderly.

1. Jack is ravenous first thing in the morning. You have to feed him around 6AM....DON'T wait until 10AM. (Think Bear exhibit at the zoo.)  He'll first ask you for zoooce, translated to Apple Juice. Then he'll bring you to the fridge, and point to the butter holder. It's where I used to keep the cheese slices, but we ran out. He's really trying to tell you he wants some string cheese, which is in the bottom drawer. When he's done with the string cheese he'll ask you for an orange, and then try to hit you up for a waffle in the freezer. Which we ran out of too. (Please pick up waffles and cheese at the store.)

2. Don't fall asleep on the couch first thing in the morning. I know how you like to "rest your eyes". They'll overtake you, and the house. They may be small but they are mighty. Nate likes to build barracades lately. You may wake up enclosed.

3. The key is to give them fresh air. It's the only way to keep from seeing blood in the house. Since I just cleaned the carpets I would appreciate mimimal blood this weekend. That means no double corks inversions off of the sofa. (You know what I'm talking about.)

4. Nate will complain that his socks don't fit, but they really do. You have to adjust them at the toes, and pretend you fixed them. But in your case, actually look to see you haven't put a pair of Jack's socks on Nate. Don't say "Just deal with it", that will set off a whole other trigger. (Too long to get into it.)

5. As far as feeding them, I  realize they will be getting Happy Meals. Just be sure to "donate" the new Penguins of Madascar when they are sleeping.

6. If you go anywhere in public, buy a leash for Jack. (See post from Sunday.) Don't try to be a hero, he's quick.

If you keep in mind the same safety instructions you get at Disneyland, you should be ok.
"You should be in good health, free from heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness or other conditions that could be aggravated by this adventure. Expectant mother's should not ride" (Well, I believe that's how this ride started.)

Good-luck. And in the spirit of Nate's new addiction. "May the Force be With You".



February 16, 2010

Public Health Scare

I read an urgent email tonight from the Santa Clara County Dept. of Public Health about a recent Measles scare. A man apparently contracted Measles while he was in the UK or.... Belgium and then came back to the Bay area before he was infectious. (Way to keep it vague as to not destroy tourism in any one country.)

For the next 8 days he went about his business POSSIBLY infecting anybody who came within two hours of when he entered or left the establishment. The email called out about 4 places he had been.
I started thinking, has he only been to 4 places in EIGHT days???? And then I thought, what if I had to make a list of everywhere I've been in the past 8 days. And what some of those phones calls would sound like.

Nates Preschool - "Hi, I know you've given my child 6 colds this winter and one stomach flu, but I probably gave 18 students Measles. Do you think this will effect Nate's enrollment next year?"

Work - "Yah, I suggest you implement a work from home policy over the next few weeks, I can't tell you why because it may effect my performance review."

Safeway "Hi, I touched all the bananas after my son Jack acted like a monkey and grapped the entire display."

Work Cafe - "Hi, I've eaten a salad at your salad bar for the past eight days in a row. I can't be the only disease on those salad tongs, but I'm sorry. I would pay special attention to the croutons, those are my favorite."

Cheeky Monkey Toys - "Hi, I touched all of your bouncy balls after my son pulled the bottom one out of the basket, and touched all of the Thomas the Tank engines while cleaning up from a serious train wreck."

Nordstrom Outdoor Cafe - "Hi, all I wanted was a $5 ice tea, and now I'm calling you to tell you I touched all your lemon wedges."

Chuck E Cheese - "Hi, I know this is inconvenient but you should probably contact all 3000 kids that have been to your store in the past 8 days. You may want to wash the tokens, and while you're at it, please disinfect every machine, the slide area, bathrooms, Chuck E. himself. Not because I touched any of them, but because you know it hasn't been done in a while."

Super Bowl Party -"Hi, thanks for the evite. I've exposed you to a contagious disease, but before you get upset, remember how much you liked my 7 layer dip."

Hair Salon - This call hurts the worst. My one moment in 8 days for a relaxing shampoo. I hope my next set of hightlights don't pay for this.  

And the store that needed the longest phone call.

Target - "Hi, I've been to your store 16 times in the past 8 days. I've purchased diapers twice, wipes, granola bars, clothes, toys, electronics, books, makeup, toilet paper, some Star Wars valentines, and tape. You may need to shut down the store just to check every aisle, but please don't take too long.....I'll be back on day 9, I forgot deodorant."

February 14, 2010

Will Never Judge Again

I now know why people use these.....and I will never question their intentions EVER again. In fact, when I'm done with this blog, I'll be googling the InStyle version of baby leash.
If you happened to read yesterday's blog then you already know how my Valentine's day would start, but it's the stuff that happened in the middle that is the real story.

We had plans with some friends to go to the Children's Disovery Museum in Sausalito. Doug came down with the stomach flu, so needless to say I didn't get breakfast in bed.  He was in no shape to tackle crowds of any kind, so we left him behind with a bottle of gatorade and a good-luck note.

The museum is directly on the other side of the bay and overlooks San Francisco and the Golden Gate bridge. This would be the first time we visited, and didn't know what to expect. I read that they have a 2.5 acre outdoor play zone that includes look out towers, pirate ships, a gravel pit with shovels for pretend construction, and tons of tunnels and caves. aka. Mini heaven for the 2-5yr old crowd, pure hell for the 30-40 year olds. Kids were darting in and out of caves, playing catch me if you can. Parents were playing zone defense because man on man just wasn't working.   

Jack took a real interest to the construction zone. He shoved gravel in and out of dump trucks for a good 30 minutes. I decided we will be installing a gravel pit in the backyard this Spring. Who needs sand when we can have tiny rocks to track through our house.

Nate on the other hand took an interest in a non adult friendly pirate ship on the other side of the play zone. It was just large enough that the kids could easily move around and get lost in the ship's cabins, but just small enough that no parent could go in for a rescue. And if you did, you felt like you were in that movie Elf, where he's a giant in a little person world. I went in to rescue Jack, and stepped on a few little people in the process. I knew for the safety of others I needed to exit, and quickly.

Then it happened, that one second that you turn your head and your child is gone. He must be destined to be a sprinter, because I'm sure he would win the 100 meter toddler dash. I of course kid about this, because if I didn't I would be throwing up. I've never lost either of the kids, and this was the first time that pure panic set in.

Thank God Greta and Craig were there to help with the search party. I started screaming JAAACCK, and then realized he doesn't speak, so it wasn't like he was going to say, "I'm over here mom".  Which of course caused me to panic even more. In those 20 seconds a lot goes through your head. What is he wearing? How should you describe him? Oh God, did he head to the water, the woods, through a tunnel, off to grandma's house? Where the hell did he go? And then of course you start looking at all of the parents and realize they are most certainly judging you saying, "Should have put a leash on that child." Then I remembered Jack was wearing his Valentines day red shirt. Thank God for Valentines Day, and my necessity to dress the boys in holiday t-shirts.

After what seemed like eternity, but was a only a few short minutes, Craig spotted Jack heading back to the gravel pit as if saying, "What's the big deal. I just needed to report back to work."

I knew at that moment Jack will be strapped into a stroller until he's at least 10. Not until I buckled him in to his car seat did my heart start beating again.

All three of us made it home safely to our Valentine patient who was waiting eagerly for us on the couch. I walked in the door to see this.

Counted the roses, and thought, "One for each nightmare I will have after today's ordeal." Only kidding. I actually thought, my advice "Just Google it" worked! (Read yesterday's blog for the reference.)


February 13, 2010

The Art of Conversation

Conversation is a art. It's a constant work in progress at our house, and one that never disappoints.

Nathan: "Mom, my toys are old, I think I need some new ones."
Lori: "You just got a lot of new ones for Christmas and Hannukah."
Nathan: "I know but they're old. I decided I can donate the old ones, to make room for the new ones."
Lori: "Toys cost a lot of money Nate, we are not buying you ALL new toys."
Nathan: "But mom, I have money."
(Side note: The money he's referring to is a cash register filled with about 50 bucks he's been secretly stashing away out of Doug's wallet.)
Lori: "Nate, let's talk about this when I get out of the shower." (Just so you know, it was 6AM.)

I knew I needed to take a different approach with this one, and my creative conversation skills don't kick in until 6:30AM. Then I remembered the Chore Chart in his bedroom. We haven't used it yet, but this seemed like a prime opportunity. I explained how if he did the chores everyday, then at the end of the week he would earn some money to buy a toy. Day one done, he finished his first set of chores, and of course he announced. "OK let's go buy my toy". Well we apparently have some work do explaining days vs. weeks, but it's a step in the right direction.

The second memorable conversation was in regards to Valentine's Day. I don't know if it's because it's the one day out of the year where it's acceptable to mix red and pink, or just the anticipation for an unexpected romantic gesture, but I'm a total sucker for February 14th.  Because of the recent stomach flu epidemic to hit our household I knew this year's V-day might be a little disappointing so I figured maybe I should remind Doug. 

Lori: "Doug, REMEMBER....Valentines Day is this coming Sunday!"
Doug: (Looking at me like....of course.) "Yah, I know."
Lori: "You should really do something romantic this year."
Doug: (He rolled his eyes. He denies that, but I'm pretty sure he did.)
Lori: (I could see he needed more help.) "Just remember. We're really lucky to have each other. We shouldn't take that for granted."
Doug: "OK, what do you want to do?"
Lori: "I don't know, just surprise me....with something romantic."
Doug: (Blank stare)
Lori: "If you need help, (clearly he does) just Google it. "

The art of conversation. You have to speak their language. Something they can relate too. Tonight is Valentine's Eve, and Doug is upstairs with the next round of the stomach flu. Either that or he hasn't "Googled it yet". (Clearly more work do with him as well.)

February 11, 2010

Stroke of Luck

So I've had a few days off from blogging. Wish I could say I'm well rested and was on a beach somewhere enjoying a fruity drink with an umbrella straw. No, that unfortunately wasn't the case. I was busy stripping sheets, washing blankets, and disinfecting vomit filled cribs. And just when you think your day couldn't get any worse you realize, uh oh, I think I caught the same thing. As you're busy surrending you realize one more piece of information, tomorrow is the Valentine's day party at Preschool. But luckily, in my super mom fashion I had actually planned ahead and purchased the Valentines over the weekend.  Sometimes it's just crazy luck that you didn't forget. Other times like these, I know someone was looking down on me and saying, "Give this one a break....her head is in the toilet."

Enough about my stroke of good luck, I'm here to tell you about the Elephant. This is going to be the year. 2010. The year " Elephant in the Aisle Seat" gets published. I know I should be sleeping right now, building up my immunities, but I've been finishing my manuscript to send off to the publishing house. I've signed on with an extremely talented illustrator Deborah Melmon. http://blogdebsart.blogspot.com/ You can check out her recently published books, and even get a glimpse of the elephant.

To give you a teaser....this is for the back cover.

What comical mischief would happen if an ELEPHANT sat next to you on an Airplane? Let your child's imagination take flight on this laughable airplane ride. Find out why the passengers will want to hold on to their hats, bring some extra towels, and watch out for flying peanuts. Be sure to buckle-up, it will be a WILD ride.

Stay tuned for more info on my first children's book!

February 8, 2010

Where a kid can be a kid

I like to think of myself as a pretty well adjusted person....someone who can manage day to day life and keep a healthy perspective. But I'll admit to my weakness in the Wintertime.....germs.  With the constant reinforcement of the flu advertisements on TV it's no surprise I'm a little hypervigilant during this time of year. Now don't worry I'm not a person who needs to rush their child to the bathroom if they touch a doorknob, nor do I even wash Jack's pacifiers anymore, but I must admit I try not to enter stuffy, damp places with hundreds of kids and few windows.

This past weekend I was forced to enter such a zone. Nate was invited to a birthday party. To keep some anonymity, it's a place with a giant animated mouse, and their tagline reads, "Where a kid can be a kid". In my opinion their tagline should read, "Where a kid can be a kid... with a 5 day incubation period." The party might as well have been held in the Dr.'s waiting room.  It really goes against all motherly instincts of trying to keep your child healthy. We get seasonal flu shots, swine flu shots, make our children use hand sanitizers after touching grocery carts, and on and on, BUT....we have no problem scheduling birthday parties at giant infirmary. (I know mom...I had a party there when I was a kid, but it had to be cleaner than this.) 

I know some of you are thinking I'm being a bit overly dramatic, but really??? Have you been to one of these places lately? It was about 82 degrees inside. The perfect temperature to grow cultures of any kind. I wanted to check the maximum capacity sign near the door, because I'm pretty sure they were over by about 50 people. I don't know what was more frightening the kid's hacking away with green runny noses, or the 50 year old men playing arcade games. (That's an entirely different blog.) All I know is that the hour and half that my son happily inhaled pnuemonia, the flu, bronchitis, hand foot and mouth, and viral gastroenteritis was an hour that I should have spent buying stock in Purell. (Now that's overly dramatic.)

I'll spare you all my opinion on the covered slide, but just so you know it's right up there with the Golden Arches play area. Another place that makes me cringe when I see the greasy handprints on the inside of the plexiglass windows.

I'll try to focus on the positive. I'm thankful that Nate has friend's that invite him to birthday parties. I'm thankful that this hour and a half and 100 token later was the highlight to his weekend. And for now I'm thankful that we have five days until our next Dr. visit. (I'm only kidding...sort of.)

February 5, 2010


I'll set the scene for you. The clock says 2:39AM.....the house is quiet, it's pitch black and you hear that WAILLLL coming from one of the bedrooms. You were in a dead sleep so you're not quite sure who it is yet. They all start to sound alike after midnight. All you know is that if you don't act fast, the one who is wailing is going to wake the other one. In your mind nothing could be worse than two children screaming at 2:39AM. Nothing could be worse.....that's what you think now.

Until you stumble down the dark hallway as the cry gets louder you gain speed. You need to get there in time. You make it to the dark room and then it happens.....you step on what you think is a shard of glass, or possibly a rusty nail. How could that be? Why wasn't their a clear path to the bed? Of course their wasn't a clear path. It was made into a makeshift runway around 8pm. So now, you're crippled on the floor holding your foot in pain because United Airlines and British Airways weren't cleared for takeoff. You examine your foot because your convinced the tailfin must be stuck in your arch. As you sit on the floor holding back your tears, you realize God, I'm in the wrong room.

You wipe your tears, hold back the obscenities, and limp into the room next door, all the while yelling..."shhh....shhhh....your going to wake your brother." You search around for the pacifier because you know that will solve the night's problems. It's got to be here somewhere. You contemplate turning on the light, but that would upset the apple cart. No, I'll just crawl on the floor like any normal adult and find it with my night vision goggles. You find it, after what seems like 40 minutes, plug it back in, and make your way back to your bedroom for a restful nights sleep.

February 4, 2010

The Rules

I had a very funny conversation with a mother at Nate's preschool yesterday about "the rules" in her house.
She came home to see her husband feeding their 2 year old daughter yogurt in the living room. This was of course against "the rules". All children should be fed in the kitchen....for obvious reasons unless you want to live in a fraternity house. This was after her husband let the kids watch DVD's in her car, parked in the garage, which drained the battery. Her husband called her the next day on his way to work to say, "Honey, I'm really trying to comply with the rules, but I don't really know what they are. Do you think you could post them in the house?

It got me thinking about the rules in our house, and if or how they are enforced. I have to say I do have an advantage. I of course have "Mommy's Little Sheriff". Nate enforces the rules much better than I do. In fact sometimes I just wish he would take over, feed everybody dinner, grocery shop, and make sure the house is clean. He would whip us all into shape. Here are some of our rules and how they are enforced by our local sheriff.

Rule #1 - No violent video games
Nate -"Mom do you hear what I hear?"
Me -"No, what Nate?"
Nate-"Daddy, he's upstairs playing shooting games."
Me -"Oh ok."
Nate - "I'll go take care of it".
Me - "Great thanks." (I don't have to walk up the stairs then.)

Rule #2 - No eating on the couch
Doug - "Let's have some pizza while we watch T.V."
Lori - "I think we should eat in the kitchen".
Doug - "It will be fine, we'll be careful".
Nate - "No, mommy's right! Let's take our pizza to the table. It will be too messy out here. Jack will get sauce everywhere."

Rule #3 - Bed time is at 8:00PM
Lori - "I'm just going to get under my covers for a few minutes.
Nate - "OK Mommy, I'll tuck you in."
Nate - "Let me turn out the lights for you."
Lori - "Thanks Nate, that's great."
Nate - "I'll be downstairs Mommy if you decide to wake up". Door closes behind him.
Lori - (silent....had already fallen asleep by 8:00PM - I know how to follow the rules well.)

Jack has a whole other set of rules, that's I'll go into another day. The one main rule though that made the books last year, is this: No baseball bats in the house. I don't have enough time to list all the reasons why, but I have to say it's not a popular one with the under 5 crowd.

February 3, 2010

That extra push....

It's Wednesday, which could mean you're half way through your week, or you have half a week to go. I personally suscribe to the Optimist point of view and believe I'm almost to the finish line! Of course there are days that I need a little extra push to get me there. Today I found it!

I have a cold...no surprise. Someone in our house always has a cold. It's Winter, so be it! I didn't need one more excuse to not exercise today. So I downloaded some new songs to my IPOD and took off for my run. (I couldn't breathe, but that was just a minor detail.) I was at the end of my run...the part where you either give up, or push a little harder. Then this song came on!

Turn up the volume! Whether you need to finish that extra load of laundry, do 15 more crunches, clean out the garage, or just plain want to dance. This is the song that will get you there!

February 2, 2010

I'd like to thank the Academy

No I didn't win the Next Food Network Star, or even the Biggest Loser (thankfully). I was awarded a very distinguished Digi Medal.
I like to think of myself as a pretty decent cook, at least I can follow a detailed recipe. Lately I've been trying to cook dinners that are a little healthier, kid and Doug friendly. (That's a hard combo by the way.)  God knows I've made enough chicken and spaghetti to feed a small country, so I like to mix it up.

Before I get in to the award ceremony, let me give you some background. Yesterday Doug started a new job. He's been working out of the house for the past six months, which gave us the ability to eat dinner together. His new commute won't lend itself to eating at 5:30pm, the time the kid's alarm goes off.  I swear when I walk in the door at 5pm, an alarm goes off in the kid's brains and/or stomachs that says feed me instantly or I will melt to the floor in a puddle and make cooking oh so pleasant.

As I was driving home, I  thought, uh oh I don't have my "little helper" to entertain the kids while I cook. So last night, I threw away the notion of healthy, and decided "quick" was the priority.
The kids ate pigs in a blanket, and tater tots. I'm not proud, but it was fast, easy, and I managed to ward off any meltdowns.....and the best part......my medal.

As Nate was smothering his mini hotdogs in ketchup he looked over at me and said, "Mom, you are the best cook in the WORLD....you win a Digi Medal".

I was shocked, I wasn't expecting that, so I hadn't prepared my speech. If I had, it would go something like this.
 "I can't believe I won, it was just an honor to be nominated. I mean look at the nominees, other frazzled, tired moms just trying to make a quick dinner. The category was so competitive. I really need to thank my true heroes, Hebrew National and Ore-Ida. They were my inspiration, and have been there for me in hard times. I'd also like to thank Special Agent Oso for teaching my child the proper criteria for awards, and of course my family because without them my true talent of opening a box, and setting the oven to 400 would go to waste.

Wow, after an award like that, I will need to choose my dinners wisely. This could open up so many doors for me. For now.... I'll just try to stay away from the Paparazzi!