December 18, 2012


We used to call him "Mommy's Little Sheriff".

Thankfully, he's moved on from law's a dangerous profession.

He's now our CEO, the head of our household, an entrepreneur by nature, and the most organized person I know.

He makes sure to lock every door at night, turn off the lights (so as not to waste electricity), reminds me daily to mail our Christmas cards, (which he stuffed and sealed), and constantly surprises us with his new business ventures.

Currently he's saving for his own car. Not one that he will drive, but one that I will drive for him. He wants a personal car with a DVD player in the back seat.

I can keep my own. His car will be clean, and new, and have a driver.

He's been thinking of ways to earn the money. His recent idea is a craft shop. With just a few scissors and some scrap paper, he's made some great pieces of art.  He mentioned in passing that he plans on selling them to visitors. He also mentioned that I missed the big sale in October, and now I have to pay full price. (Story of my life.)

After arriving home yesterday I said, "What did you do this afternoon?"

He simply stated, "Worked on my business."

Sure enough, I turned the corner and a shop had been set up in the playroom. Every craft had a price tag, and was neatly displayed on the table. He asked if I wanted to buy anything. I said I didn't have cash on me. Not to worry,  he will take credit cards! (Of course he will.)

Our CEO has $28 in his wallet. He could buy one DVD for his chauffeured ride....just another $30K to go.

I never want him to lose his CEO spirit. It suits him well, and I love this 7 year old so very much!