September 26, 2011

Tooth Fairy

If you want to find out how many questions a 3 year old can ask before you run out of answers, try telling them about the Tooth Fairy!

This is our conversation over the span of 30 minutes, with long pauses in between.

Jack: "WHAT???? I thought the Toof Fairy was supposed to come today?"

Me: "No, she comes tonight when you guys are sleeping."

Jack: "But wait, how does she get here?"

Nate: "Mom the tooth fairy doesn't have bones. They only have arms and legs and bodies like us, but they have to go through walls so they don't have blood, right? Right mom?"

Me: "Right"

Jack: "Who is the Toof Fairy? Dr. Niki? "

Me: "No Jack, It's not Dr. Niki, she's a fairy."

Jack:"Is she a nurse?"

Me: "No she's a fairy."

Jack: "Does the Toof Fairy have a scary face?"

Me: "No, she's really friendly."

Jack: "Oh, and the Toof Fairy doesn't have a penis or butt, right mom?"

Me: "Right, no penis and no butt. Once again, she's a fairy."

Jack: "What if the Tooth Fairy doesn't like me?"

Me: "Of course she will, and don't worry, she's not there to see you anyway. She's there to get a tooth and then she leaves. She comes in quickly like a hummingbird, and no one sees her. She's tiny."

Nate: "How do you know?"

Me: "I've seen a picture of her."

Jack:  "But the Toof fairy is going to wake up me. I want to sleep in your bed."

Me: "Don't worry Jack, she won't wake you. She doesn't wake anybody."

Jack: "So she takes Nate's tooth, and then brings him  a new tooth right? Because I saw new teeth at the Dentist." ( He's referring to the fake teeth they use to show kids how to brush.)

Me: "No, she brings money, not teeth."

Jack: "But where does the Tooth Fairy live mom? In a Pipeline? "
(How am I supposed to answer this one?)

Me: "Maybe."

Jack: "I don't want the Toof Fairy to break the front door."

Me: "Don't worry she doesn't break down doors."

Jack: "Maybe she will take a shovel and smash it into the window."

Me: She's too small, she can't pick up a shovel, and she's not evil"

Jack: "How does she get here?"(I think I heard this question already.)

Me:  "I'm not sure how she gets in. Probably through cracks in windows, or through walls, like Nate said."

Then Jack proceeds to go to the window and says, "HELLO Toof fairy...Are you out there?

It's going to be a long night!

Obama and the Missing Tooth

Who knew September 26th would have been such an exciting day????

It all started with an explosion of energy. While I was showering, Nate rushed in beside himself with excitement. "Mommy, I lost my first tooth!" He was holding his tiny tooth in the palm of his hand with his 3 year old side kick close by. They both stood there examining his tooth like it was the 8th Wonder of the World. Next came the conversation about the Tooth Fairy. Luckily Grandma put a rush order on a homemade pillow at the initial sign of the wiggle. It arrived a few days ago, just in time for it's first offering.

Jack began to negotiate that Nate must share whatever the Tooth Fairy gives. I quickly squashed the idea of any toys, and said the Tooth Fairy leaves money.

To which Nate replied, "Oh good, I can buy a toy with that!"

I made the mistake of mentioning that I used to get a silver dollar. His eyes lit up with excitement. Now I have to run to the bank to try and track one down. Not sure if the Tooth Fairy still carries those.

As if my day wasn't lunch was equally as exciting. My simple Asian Chicken Salad run turned into a Presidential motorcade sighting. Obama was visiting Linkedin, and flew out of Moffet Airforce Base, down the street from my office. As I was waiting for my salad, I started to notice an excessive amount of police starting to hover. Next came the road barricade, the closure of the freeway exits, and then the helicopters arrived. I figured it must be for Obama.... but then remembered I left my phone in the car. Bummer, I would need to burn the image in my brain. (I guess I can't sell my footage to TMZ.)

It was well worth it! Super cool to see 30+ police vehicles and the President turn right in front of me...and of course my Asian Chicken Salad! I wanted to yell out, "Can you do something about the AMT tax?"

The day isn't even over. I planned a simple pasta night. The possibilities are endless!

September 23, 2011

Catching up

There seems to be a common theme developing, and it called, "Catching Up". My last post was at the beginning of August and covered the previous three months. If I'm looking for trends, I seem to be improving, but I'm no where near my 2 posts a week of yesteryear.

Here is a quick recap from the past 8 weeks.
  • Nate turned 6 and started Kindergarten, Yoga, Basketball and Soccer.
  • Jack started Preschool, Art and Basketball
  • I started a new job at
  • Brooke turned 5 months old, and started cereal! (Everybody was starting something.)
  • Doug started covering for my late hours. :) 

I would love to try and write the funny things the boys have been saying lately, but I can't remember them. Infact, today I Googled, "memory fading at a young age". I know I should have been Googling something much more relevant, like how to get rid of head lice, but my memory loss seemed like a pressing issue. The best part of my 5 minute research were the steps to increase your memory. It said you should use your brain to solve problems everyday. Judging from that advice, I should be as sharp as a razor blade!

I was disappointed to find that they missed a few causes. Nowhere did I find that waking every night at 2AM to change a 3yr old's wet sheets and pj's would cause memory loss. Or waking 3 hours later at 5AM to walk down a flight of stairs to make a bottle would cause it either. Then finally waking at 6AM to shower, get dressed, get the kids "officially" awake, fed, dressed and out the door by 7:40AM would cause you to lose your mind. There was a hyperlink though that said, "See sleep deprived" or "Mother of 3".

Having three kids though has caused me to realize a few things. Caffeine is my drug of choice. Going to bed at 8:30pm is mandatory..... for ME. Spending one on one time with each child is much better than spending it with all three at once....especially between the hours of 5pm-8pm. Having a date night with just Doug is one of the most anticipated events, and one that I no longer take for granted.