August 12, 2012

Have to start somewhere!

I've been thinking a lot about writing in my blog again, and that's as far as I've gotten.
These past few months have given me quite a bit of new material but unfortunately my life doesn't  lend itself to quiet writing time. In fact it doesn't lend itself to quiet at ALL.

The boys are playing baseball with Doug, Brooke is napping, and I'm supposed to be unpacking from our week long vacation. No better time to procrastinate than the present.

I realized it's been too long when blogger has changed it's interface, and I had forgotten my password.
My last post was in February, when a cat had snuck into our house. I should have know that was just the beginning of the busiest 6 months of my life.

I'm not going to fill in all the details, mainly because I don't remember them, but I'll add a few highlights.
March - Traveled to New York, CT and Chicago for work.
April - Selikov girls trip to Palm Springs, Brookie's 1st birthday-IceCream Social
May - Another Palm Springs weekend with my college Besties, Trip to Legoland for Jack's 4th birthday
June - Trip to Newport, RI for work
July - Back to Chicago, then off to New Buffalo Michigan, Sonoma and Napa for work.
August - Week long trip to my parents in Laguna Hills for Nathan's 7th birthday

Here are some pictures from each month, sort of like a highlight reel, but without the bloopers. Actually that gives me an idea for a future post.