March 23, 2010

Health Care Reform

So I'm not one to comment on politics....but I feel the need to discuss health care reform. In between Tom and Jerry, and “Must see TV” on Thursdays I did watch a bit of CNN this Sunday. I’m a sucker for historic moments so I figured I should tune in. Frankly, I was a little disappointed. If we're really creating reform here, they missed a few perks in the new plan.

1. A mother will have the right to stay in bed ALL day if she gets sick. (Even on a weekend.)

2. Your healthcare plan will send a robot to your house to rid your child of head lice. (Something no person should ever have to deal with.)

3. A child's dentist will stop giving out those flimsy toys, and pay for 2 years of braces with the saved money.

4. Your pediatrician's office will have two waiting rooms, a well side, and the "other" side.

5. The E.R. waiting room should have chairs placed no less than 6 ft apart. (The exact length of a sneeze.)

6. The waiting time to see your Dr. should be less than 6 minutes if you have a child under 3. (The time it takes for your child to realize the mural on the wall isn't fun anymore.)

Finally since it can’t hurt to ask….Let me put in one more request.

How about a drive-thru ear infection clinic? Just roll down the window, look in my kid's ear and write the prescription for antibiotics. No need to waste time parking, unstrapping the car seat, signing in, taking their temperature, explaining to the nurse why we’re there, waiting for the Dr. to look in the ear and say, “Yep…it’s an ear infection.” Then finally waiting for the prescription, getting back in the car and off to Walgreens to wait some more.

Maybe in my next life I’ll be a lobbyist and try to make some real changes around here!


Deb said...

Very cute! Drive through ear-infection it!

Anne said...

Maybe you should become a lobbyist

Natalie said...

So funny. I think you might be on to something with the drive through idea.
PS: Shanon loves your blog.