March 19, 2010

10 Things a Sister Won’t Let You Forget!

On the eve of my sister turning the big 4-0 I dedicate this blog post to her.

10 Things a Sister Won’t Let You Forget!

1. The family pecking order. (Her diamond is just a teeny bit bigger!)

2. She only has to color her hair every 10 weeks vs. my 6.

3. Her Dr. said she needs to gain weight. She can’t fathom 140 lbs. (Hmmm. That’s my weight.)

4. She can blow through an entire book in one weekend. (I fall asleep after the intro.)

5. She stood on the bricks longer in our childhood game called, Who could withstand the pain of 100 degree weather barefoot on bricks. (Note: Neither of us went to Harvard.)

6. She didn’t let me humiliate her by putting my 2 hands and 2 feet in the Four Corners state landmark on our family road trip.

7. She still has the other half to the “Sweet Valley High Book” that we ripped apart like a wishbone. (I never knew how it ended, she never knew how it started.)

8. She can actually READ Hebrew.

9. She still makes better quesadillas.

10. Our dead relatives come to visit her in dreams, but never to me.

Now on to 10 things I LOVE about Julie.

1. I love how she has raised my nephews into genuinely good kids.

2. I think her artistic talent is truly remarkable.

3. I love her ability and guts to say what she’s really thinking.

4. I love how she makes family a priority.

5. I love when she puts her mind to something she can achieve anything.

6. I love how she manages money.

7. I love her quesadillas with fried turkey. (And yes, they are better than mine.)

8. I love how she LOVES my boys.

9. I love how she can get behind some of my cockamamie ideas. (i.e. camping in Yosemite during the Summer.)

10. I love her organizational skills. (The reason we GOT a campsite at 6:45AM on a Monday morning.)

Happy Birthday to YOU! You’re the best sister a girl could ask for!
I’m done wondering what it would be like to have a brother. You’ve earned your keep!
The picture above says it all. I look UP to you....afterall you ARE 4 years older.



Anne said...

You know how to make a Mom cry! I love you both XOXO

Sara Ancich said...

i loved every minute of this! awesome!

Julie Johnson said...

You make me laugh and cry, there's nothing better than that! I love you, too.