June 24, 2013

Family Firsts

I wasn't anticipating such a fun first week of Summer. In fact, I sort of dread Summer, minus the family vacations and a break from homework. I'm of the opinion that school keeps kids out of trouble, and without an organized schedule, they start to kill each other....literally kill each other.

I've heard of those Mom's who are excited to have their kids home with them all day, and as much as I love my kids, I have to wonder....are their kids different than mine? They must have the kind that love quiet puzzles, and whisper around the house. Or maybe they have the kind that love sharing a room, and rock each other to sleep.
I have the kind that scream from the top bunk, "Moooom, can you turn the light off, I can't sleep, while the bottom bunk crys, "But Moooom, it's not FAIR....I can't sleep without a light!" And so on and so on......

Before I digress too far, I was trying to highlight the fun parts of the week. It was filled with firsts, and made me appreciate all the exciting times ahead for our family of 5.

We had our first family trip to a Giant's game...in the Coupons.com suite. Unfortunately we will never be able to bring the kids to another run of the mill game again. Once you experience the suite, you never want to go back to bleachers, let alone Club level.

On Sunday we made a spontaneous decision to take everyone to the movies. It was Brooke's first time. We saw Monsters University, and Brooke made it through the entire movie. It didn't start to get sketchy until the last 10 minutes when she started shouting that she had poo poo.... in a very loud voice...over an over again.

She looks a little cross eyed here, but I love her pink hat, and the fact that she kept it on her head.
Life is always good when daddy is holding her.
I consider this a success. All 5 people looking at the same camera.