February 20, 2012

Who's That Cat?

Last night around 9PM, after everyone went to bed, I flopped down on the couch to enjoy some much needed silence.
Our day started around 5:30AM with Brooke and her bottle, later we met some friends for brunch, which turned into a scooter ride around Shoreline Park, and finally dinner at Stanford mall. In between was a quick football game in our driveway.
Not long after I sat down, I heard some very quiet footsteps coming down the stairs.
I was just about to say, "Jack BACK to bed!" But then I saw two beady eyes and a heard a soft "MEOW!
Only problem.....we don't OWN a cat!
I calmly stood up, walked to the front door, and escorted the cat out.
When I thought about it today, I couldn't help but laugh and think....how chaotic does my day have to be to not notice a cat entering my home, let alone IN my home. And who else but a mother to just stand up and nonchalantly take care of business.
Most likely the kitty entered during the touch football game, somewhere in between a hurling football whizzing by my head.
I have no idea where she was hiding all day. The poor little kitty didn't have the guts to come down stairs until silence fell.....but really can I blame her? There are days that hiding under a bed until 9PM sounds like a perfect plan!

I would love to know what the CAT is thinking today?  I'm sure it has something to do with the grass not being any greener down the street.