October 6, 2010

Party of Five

I am happy to announce that next May the Willbanks Family will be a Party of 5! Yes that's right, our lives will be forever changed..... again.

  • No more double Queen beds in a hotel room - bring out the roll away. Better yet, let's just book two rooms!
  • No more casual SUV, bring on the third row seater.
  • No more 3 bedroom house. Oh wait, we have to keep that. In that case bring on the bunkbeds.
  • No more man on man defense, bring on the Zone!

These are all things I wake up thinking about at 3AM. How is possible I forgot the joy of the first trimester and decided this would be a good idea again?

On a positive note, I saw the heartbeat for the first time yesterday, and if I didn't feel like I would throw up every five minutes we might have celebrated.

Oh wait, I did celebrate. I went to bed at 7:30PM.

We told Nate and Jack last weekend. Nate's response, "But how will we manage two babies?"
My response, "Um, Jack isn't actually a baby anymore, and we plan on having you change the diapers!"
Only kidding of course, but in retrospect, he would be pretty good. He's a great cleaner, very organized, and thorough. All skills I plan on taking advantage of when the next baby comes.

So there you have it! My big news! Please accept my apologies in advance for not keeping my blog updated more regulary. I'm too busy tracking down smells like a bloodhound. I should have suspected something was up when I could smell the neighbors trash two doors down, or the garlic in the silverware drawer.

Ahh pregnancy, I'm sure you'll hear more from me over the next 9 months. Until then, think of me at 3AM, I'll be making another list!