August 13, 2015


Four years ago we got a new tent. Last night we used it......for the first time.
I took two weeks off of work, one as a "staycation" and the other for Tahoe.
I had two goals for the "staycation" - 1. Take kids swimming everyday 2. Relax
So far I have accomplished goal #1.
Wednesday was planned as our backyard camp out night. Here's how it went down.
Nathan made me secure all the stakes and the ropes so the tent wouldn't blow away in a storm.
He also brought a chair, a laptop, 3 flashlights and a down jacket.
Jack showed up after all the work was done, claiming he only wanted to see the finished product.
Brooke brought her Hello Kitty sleeping bag along with her wooden doll bunkbed and a baby. She brought two flashlights. One that Jack demanded was his, and the other that didn't have batteries.
Jack wanted all the windows zipped up, while Nate wanted them open.
Brooke wanted to tell ghost stories. She told the one of Hello Kitty and the Princess who met a monster near the rainbow who threatened to make them sleep forever.  (I'm sure you've heard it.)
At some point the wrestling got out of control. I stepped out of the tent, and the next thing I knew Nate was moving out. Out came the chair, the laptop, his sleeping bag, pillow and the three flashlights. He was limping and blaming his sister for breaking his foot.
After s'mores, everybody was in better spirits. Probably because we used chocolate chip cookies in replace of graham crackers.
Jack begged Nate to move back in. Thankfully he didn't bring the house with him but he was wearing his ski jacket. He claimed it was getting chilly. Outside temp - 73.
Around 3AM I realized the ground was really hard.
Around 5AM the sprinklers came on. I thought they were set for Friday. I was wrong.
Nate woke up worried about the water, Brooke woke up because Nate was shouting, and Jack slept through the entire thing.
We officially broke in the tent and covered every emotion along the way....except for "Relaxation". See Goal #2. I'm hoping that comes next week when we are in Tahoe!


Note the doll bed - the only person relaxing was the baby

Brooke thought it was the greatest adventure