April 1, 2010

All Innocence not Lost

Every day we drive past a giant Duck on the street corner near the car wash. It's Ducky...the Car Wash mascot. It's become a habit of mine to make up stories about giant animal costumes for fear it would crush Nate's imagination if he knew the truth about what's underneath.  Well today, he crushed mine.

"Mom, where does the duck live?"
I replied, "A giant pond!" (It just rolled off my tongue.)
"No, Mom....where does he really live? He's not a real duck!
"What....he's not a REAL duck? How do you know Nate?"
"I can see his hands Mom!"
Oh right...of course. I should have realized that the cheap duck costume doesn't cover his hands or his shoes. I never noticed until we stopped at the light.

It didn't stop there....Mickey Mouse was next.
We've been talking about going to Disneyland for Jack's 2nd birthday in May. Jack, Nate and I were looking at a picture of Mickey, Nate, and my nephews at Disneyland last year. Nate said, "Well that's not the real Mickey Mouse. He's just sweating in his costume."
Uh oh I thought, not Mickey too. Don't kill the giant Mouse.  But to my surprise when I asked, "Well then where is the real Mickey?"
Nate replied, "He's on T.V. Mom. You can see him in shows."
Phew, all innocence was not completely lost.
"Well, don't tell Jack! Disneyland may not be the happiest place on earth!"

On a separate note.. Nate might be growing up, but Jack is growing OUT. He graduated to a size 6 diaper today. That's the highest number before needing Depends. We never made it to a 6 with Nate, he was potty trained after size 5. I always wondered who's kid wore that size. Now I know....MINE!


Julie Johnson said...

Daniel made it to a size 6! Jack takes after his cousin.

Deb said...

Thanks for the laugh!! Can you hear me??? How does Nate know that the person in the Mickey Mouse suit is sweating under there??? Hysterical!

Anne said...

And Jackthinks Grandma & Grandpa live inside the computer- still innocent- We have some Dependsif you need them LOL xoxo