March 29, 2010

A Few Things I Learned This Weekend

I'm back from a little R&R with my sister and mom. Julie turned the big 40 last week, and to celebrate we booked  the weekend in Palm Springs, just us girls, to sit by the pool, relax and of course do a little shopping.
The best part of this vacation was not the peaceful time at the pool but the tear filled laughter we had, usually at each other's expense. It feels good to spend time with family. They know all your imperfections, and of course love you because of them.  
Here are a few things I learned this weekend.
  • My mom has more songs on her iPod than Julie and I combined, or anyone else for that matter...over 800.
  • Some true pleasures in life are worth waiting for. i.e. The Adult Pool.
  • I finally found the one airport I wouldn't mind getting stuck at.
  • The temperature outside is all relative.....just ask the Midwesterners by the pool.
  • When there is an extra 20%  off at the Coach outlet the crowds match the size of Disneyland....and Julie will participate.
  • We thought our Dad was the snorer in the family.....will pack earplugs next time.
  • It IS possible to burn in areas where you thought you applied sunscreen....(Well that I knew, but learned again!)
So today I sit, with patches of sunburned legs, watching the rain clouds roll in, dreaming about our next girl's weekend. It's good to be home to the chaos, but I miss the laughter I shared with my mom and sis.


Julie Johnson said...

I miss our weekend, too. So much laughter and fun. Something you forgot to add to your list was that... now you are able to sleep in a bed with your sister and not wake up on the ground in the morning. Another is...Lava flows taste better in Hawaii.
Love you,

Anne said...

We did have a wonderful fun filled weekend but you failed to mention that I am not a chronic snorer -only when unable to breathe and not every night. I think you also learned that suitcases can be major hazards. I love you - Thank You for being such a terrific daughter

Love Mom xoxo