March 17, 2010

Living in a Fantasy Land

It was a perfect Wednesday. 75 degrees, an afternoon ice cream with my blue eyed son, and a visit from some mischievous leprechauns.

The day started by checking the Leprechaun traps in our entryway. (Much better than checking the rat traps in our garage.)

The magic of a 4 ½ year old’s imagination is priceless. Nate’s final words last night before heading to bed, “Mom, don’t forget to set the Leprechaun traps.”

“Don’t worry Nate, I’m on top of it. I really wasn’t, but pulled it together with my last ounce of energy.

Unfortunately those suckers were sneaky. They wore our shoes and left them in a row leading up to the trap, knocked over some furniture and raided the fridge. (Not too much damage though, they heard the resident’s were too tired to clean in up.) All that we found in Trap #1 was an empty Diet Coke can, and a note, “Hee, Hee, can’t catch me.” Keep that in mind if you have Leprechauns coming to dinner. That seems to be their drink of choice.

Trap # 2 had a note as well, and a little something extra for the boys. “Hee, Hee, we’re quick as a flash and off in a dash. The M&M’s are for Nate and Jack, we’ll see you next year…..when we’ll be back!”

Typically Leprechauns leave chocolate gold coins. I think there may have been a shortage this year. They only left some Valentine’s M&M’s. Thank goodness nobody noticed the pink hearts on the package. Maybe next year the Leprechauns will think twice before throwing away the Hanukkah gelt.

I’ve decided that living in a fantasy land one day out of the week is my drug of choice. You forget all your worries and enjoy living in the moment. Sadly, I don’t think March 18th will be as much fun. I might just start making up holidays where we have to trap things. That probably doesn't bode well for the Easter Bunny!


Anne said...

It doesn't bode well for Elijah either

Julie Johnson said...

Daniel said he thinks Doug is the Leprechaun. It seems we all thought it was very strange that the leprechauns would leave diet coke cans!

Anne said...

If Doug was the leprechaun you would have found empty ketchup bottles

Keri said...

Just found your blog... Love your family picture Lori!

Deb said...

You are such a good mom! My instructor at school came in all worked up about the Leprechauns this afternoon. She has a 5 year old daughter.....Made me think you you and Nate. I think I missed out on some stuff when I was a kid......