January 23, 2010

Everything Has It's Place...almost everything!

Spring cleaning came early this year. Maybe it was because we've been couped up for a week due to the rainy weather, or maybe just because I couldn't see the floor in the play room. Either way I woke up and pulled the trigger. I decided to rip apart the playroom, Nate's room and Jack's room in order to organize all three.

Then the panic set in. This is one of those projects where half way through you start looking around at the mess YOU'VE created and realize that the only way this is getting cleaned up is if you do it!

We needed a plan. I convinced Nate to go to Target with me to buy "organization stuff".

Nate is all about putting things in there place, so I didn't have to bribe him. Infact on the ride over he asked if he could "sort" with me. The fact that he knows the word sort makes me laugh.

We spent $230.00 on bins, hooks, pegs, labels, baskets, over-the-door organizers, you name it we bought it. We were determined to fix it. I was able to completely re-organize Nate's room, and the playroom. Jack's room will be day 2.
I finally got a little reprieve when Doug took the boys to dinner. I was able to blitz through 350 little people and about the same number of hotwheels, balls and every happy meal toy under the sun. (Which on a side note is concerning that the boys have eaten that many chicken nuggets.)

When I finally finished, I looked around and realized ahhh everything now has a place. Two minutes later Doug came home with the boys. "Guess what Mommy? Daddy bought me a toy!"
Oh joy what is it? I was hoping for something the size of a dime, no such luck.

It was an oversized Star Wars piece of crap spaceship.....which by the way now has NO place! (No picture needed, use your imagination.)

Doug could see and hear my enthusiasm for the spaceship so he ignored the subject for a bit until I asked, "Where are you guys planning to put that?"
In the end we all agreed on a perfect spot.....it will be stored in Doug's closet!

In anycase, here is the final outcome of the very productive day!


Anne said...

Wow you did a great job I'd love to see it on Day three! Kudos to Natey for helping out

nicole scarborough said...

Very impressive. Next stop on the ride: my house. I'll see you soon - lots of projects to keep your interest.

Deb said...

OMG this is hillarious! Your writing, not the actual cleaning ordeal. That was serious stuff....well done. You are amazing!

S said...

Ooh! Aaah! (Sounds of appreciation)

S said...

By the way, "S" is me, Sally (not S for Stalker) I can't figure out how to change that in my Google profile.

Seve Noh said...

Looks great!
Are you for hire? We need some organizing here at the Noh house!