February 3, 2010

That extra push....

It's Wednesday, which could mean you're half way through your week, or you have half a week to go. I personally suscribe to the Optimist point of view and believe I'm almost to the finish line! Of course there are days that I need a little extra push to get me there. Today I found it!

I have a cold...no surprise. Someone in our house always has a cold. It's Winter, so be it! I didn't need one more excuse to not exercise today. So I downloaded some new songs to my IPOD and took off for my run. (I couldn't breathe, but that was just a minor detail.) I was at the end of my run...the part where you either give up, or push a little harder. Then this song came on!

Turn up the volume! Whether you need to finish that extra load of laundry, do 15 more crunches, clean out the garage, or just plain want to dance. This is the song that will get you there!

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Deb said...

Good for you, getting out there and running! And thanks for your comments on my blog. I had some great ideas about the book and my blog which we can talk about over our next cup of coffee.