February 23, 2010

Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,
Did you send the latest storm because my husband doesn't recycle, or are you having an affair with Punxsutawney Phil? Either way, I need to voice my aversion for this weather. I know people say we need the rain, but last time I checked San Francisco had a rainfall total of 106% for the year. Are you trying to be an overachiever? Because you know you're not based on commissions here. Your accelerators don't kick in for anything over 100%. I know it's Winter, but I pay a premium to live in California. If I wanted to own an affordable home in a rainy climate I would move to Seattle. Instead we choose to rent, cram our stuff in storage, buy space saving backyard toys all for the promise of 364 days of sunshine. Somehow I'm feeling a bit jipped today. This feeling came on after I waded knee deep through the parking lot on my way to work, and struggled with closing my umbrella in the elevator.
And while we're at it, it was just cruel to send the rain to my vacation last weekend in Arizona. I purposely booked a get-away to warm locale, and when I googled the weather report, I started thinking this is no coincidence, I must have pissed off Mother Nature.
If you please let Spring come a little early this year, here is my solemn promise to you.
I promise to water the plants in our house, so that they actually look like plants again.
I promise to not let the kids run their trucks over the newly sprung daffodils.
I promise to bug my husband about the length of his showers. (That will benefit both of us.)

P.S. I have a trip planned to Palm Springs in late March. This could be the perfect opportunity for redemption. I will accept warm 70's even low 80's (but I don't want to push my luck.)

Thanks for taking the time to look into this matter. No need to respond, just send some blue sky and a temp. above 50.

Noah's neighbor

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