February 22, 2010

The Beauty of Friendship

If you've been following my blog, you know that I left my children in the hand's of my husband over the weekend. I can happily report:
1. No one was missing. (I counted.)
2. There was no blood. (Nothing that a black light couldn't find.)
3. They were fed. (Evidence of the Happy Meals Penguins in the bathtub.)
4. Nate made it to his Kindergarten evaluation. (I believe in a Spiderman shirt.....unsure about his hair.)
5. Jack only threw up three times. (When asked what he ate, "Just Mexican food". )

But a weekend away with my best friends was priceless. We laughed about college stupidity, and how we ever made it through. We saw a chick flick and happily did not have to beg any one of us to see it.  We shopped for hours without anyone kicking or screaming, and actually tried on clothes!

One thing is for sure there is something so special about hanging out with people who truly know you, and who truly care. We talked for hours, and still had more to talk about. It was such a nice change from the 7-9 minute conversations we typically have over the phone, between making dinner, shouting children, and something crashing in the background. There were no interupptions, only us saying, "Wait, you never told me what happened?"

We all went our separate ways on Sunday, some flying some driving. I went to gate C16 and Natalie went to gate C13. I realized even though we were 3 gates away, we were still traveling in the same direction. When you know somebody so well, you know that you'll never be that far apart. That's the beauty of friendship.

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