February 5, 2010


I'll set the scene for you. The clock says 2:39AM.....the house is quiet, it's pitch black and you hear that WAILLLL coming from one of the bedrooms. You were in a dead sleep so you're not quite sure who it is yet. They all start to sound alike after midnight. All you know is that if you don't act fast, the one who is wailing is going to wake the other one. In your mind nothing could be worse than two children screaming at 2:39AM. Nothing could be worse.....that's what you think now.

Until you stumble down the dark hallway as the cry gets louder you gain speed. You need to get there in time. You make it to the dark room and then it happens.....you step on what you think is a shard of glass, or possibly a rusty nail. How could that be? Why wasn't their a clear path to the bed? Of course their wasn't a clear path. It was made into a makeshift runway around 8pm. So now, you're crippled on the floor holding your foot in pain because United Airlines and British Airways weren't cleared for takeoff. You examine your foot because your convinced the tailfin must be stuck in your arch. As you sit on the floor holding back your tears, you realize God, I'm in the wrong room.

You wipe your tears, hold back the obscenities, and limp into the room next door, all the while yelling..."shhh....shhhh....your going to wake your brother." You search around for the pacifier because you know that will solve the night's problems. It's got to be here somewhere. You contemplate turning on the light, but that would upset the apple cart. No, I'll just crawl on the floor like any normal adult and find it with my night vision goggles. You find it, after what seems like 40 minutes, plug it back in, and make your way back to your bedroom for a restful nights sleep.

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Anne said...

Dad & I haven't stopped laughing!! This was one of the best We hope the rest of your day goes better and that the flights are finally cleared for takeoff! xoxo