October 1, 2011

Hidden message

This morning was a typical Saturday. Woke at 6, fed the kids, watched a little HGTV, all the while trying to keep the boys from killing each other. Somewhere around the 9 o'clock hour it ALWAYS goes South. You would think since I've detected a pattern I could have solved the problem. It's usually around that time that I storm upstairs to ask Doug when he is planning on waking up. I send one boy to his room and take the other with me. This is the only part of the pattern that varies each week. It's always a mystery who will end up in tears.

Today it was Jack. I'm not certain what happened, there was a brief dance party and then things got a little heated on the dance floor.

After a lot of 3 year old excuses, and one silent 6 year old, I had identified the guilty party. Some 10 minutes later, Nate decided to patch up their relationship with a card. He asked for the mega sticker book, paper and some pens.

See if you can find the hidden message.

At first glace it appears to be a perfect apology note....a colorful rainbow, balloons, the words "I'm sorry". Then after closer inspection I noticed the hidden sticker.

A handgun smack dab between "Sorry and I pushed you".  Nice.

I better take a look at that Mega sticker book. Who knows what other hidden messages could be lurking.

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