January 29, 2012

mBaby Book

This blog is getting harder and harder to write. With three kids and a fulltime job, finding 15 minutes somedays can be virtuously impossible. It's not for a lack of wanting, but if I'm forced to priortize between cleaning up vomit, paying bills, feeding the kids or getting dressed, usually the vomit wins.

So why did I feel compelled to write today? I've been traveling for a week with work, and arrived home yesterday. Come to find out...Brooke started to crawl.

Well, she's more like an inch worm. She pulls in her legs and uses her arms to drag the rest of her body across the floor. I like to think she waited to do the full version until I got home. She just turned 9 months and I haven't started her baby book yet. I'm feeling incredibly guilty, so I needed to capture this milestone. I like to think of it as a video entry to her baby book. It is 2012 afterall. I'm just thinking of her future the mobile Baby book, available only on her iPhone.

With the sound of a cry upstairs, and Jack saying, "Sorry mom, I "accidentally" took her shirt off. My 15 minutes are up.

But at least I have one entry in her mBaby Book.

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