August 1, 2011

Back in it!

I'm ripping off the band-aid, and getting back in the blogosphere!
It's been three months, and I've neglected my blog. Now granted, I do have a pretty big excuse, a 14 pound one to be exact.
It's been an eventful 90 days, I'll try to keep the list brief, but catch you up on the Willbanks 411.

  1. Arrival of Brooke Elise - 8lbs 2 oz. I think...I was on a lot of drugs. (I'll write a separate blog post on her arrival. One line doesn't do it justice!)
  2. Nathan learned to ride a 2 wheeler. Came home one day and said, "I know how to ride a bike." Sure enough he did. I love it when he trains himself!
  3. Jack turned 3!
  4. Jack became potty trained - (With the help of a lot of lollipops, and one very important backhoe.)
  5. Walked in the 4th of July parade - with G-ma and G-pa to help rally the troops.
  6. Vacation to So. CA - 7 days of spa bliss
  7. Boys learned to play tennis - (Had to call Atherton police after getting locked in the tennis courts! That's one for the blog later.)
  8. Kids first boat ride around Newport Harbor - Highlight for Jack-seeing a Digger on board a boat while riding on a boat.
  9. Brooke's first road trip - (Between two brothers - surprised she has any hearing left.)
  10. Oh yeah! Resigned from my job! (That's a big one. More details to come on my next move.)
  11. Jack gave up his pacifier....not voluntarily. (It was like watching a drug addict go through withdrawals for a week.)
  12. Doug launched his first product for HealthCPA!
  13. Nate graduated from preschool. Let the Kindergarten countdown begin.
  14. Took the boys to their first Giants game this season. - Bobble head day didn't disappoint.
  15. Left the house with 3 kids. (That definitely deserved recognition.)
Here are a few photos from the past few months.
Jack discovered Popsicles

Nate and G-pa on the 4th of July

Mommy discovered hair bows!

Nate taking a break from Tennis.

G-ma and Brookie on the 4th

Perfect little face-and a hair bow!

Brookie helping me lose a few lbs on a night jog!

Johnson's on the boat cruise 

Nate discovered the ipad with his partner in crime Zack

Swimming with good friends and cousins

Brooke at 3 weeks

Jack and his bff Teddy watching Cars 2

Giants game

Holding Brooke for the first time!

My 3 kids - (Thank you Sara for capturing this moment.)

Jack - the BIG 3!

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Anne said...

So glad my favorite Blogger is back in business! You certainly have alot of material and more produced every day.