April 18, 2011

Letter to My Brothers

Dear Big Brothers,
I've been observing you for the past 10 months from inside, and I have a few simple requests before I make my grand entrance.

To the older, semi organized, slightly type A one....I need your help. I hear they call you Mommy's little Sheriff. This will definitely come in handy. How about you stand guard in front of my room during any naps, and make sure the shorter, very sticky, comedian like one isn't allowed in. I've heard Mom use the expression, "Jack....why are you so messy?" more times than I can count. (Well actually I can't count yet...but I know she says it a lot.) She also likes to use the phrase, "Jack, put the hammer down!" And that is why I NEED a strong Sheriff. I know my head will still be soft for a few months, but I'm pretty sure that hammers and babies don't mix.
And one more thing. It sounds like you're pretty good at reminding Mom and Dad when we're out of any food, like Apple Juice or Life cereal. If you could do me a favor and make sure there is always a constant supply of formula I'll be sure to pay you back one day with a tantrum to take the focus off of you! (No need to thank me now!)

To the one they call Jack Jack, you sound like you know how to get things done, and this could work for both of us.  I don't know what popsicles, gummy bears, cakes or cheez-its are, but I'm curious as to why you always ask for them at 6:45AM? Is this what they call breakfast? If so....save me some. By the sound of desperation in your voice, they sound fabulous. When I'm able to talk, we can team-up, and maybe we'll break Mom and Dad down faster.
I will also need your help building muscles. I'm assuming you're pretty strong because I always hear mom say, "Jack, how did you carry that chair to the top of the stairs?" Hence my next request, please don't crush me! Or sit on me, like you do Nathan.

One last appeal for both of you...please try to keep the noise level down over the next week. It's getting cramped in my current bedroom, and you're loud voices are echoing in these narrow halls. When Mom yells at you guys it's incredibly loud and sounds like a dinosaur. So I would appreciate a little brotherly love here. Shhhhh

If you agree to these simple requests.....I'll be sure to hook you up with some of my cute girlfriends when we enter high school!

Thanks- I love you already!


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Anne said...

I love this blog Baby Girl is very lucky to have such great BIG Bros.If you kept a baby book this would be a good addition :) xoxo