September 1, 2010

Big Day

Well, I bent time in space again today, and I'm thankful not everyday looks like this. Some better, some worse.
It was the first day of school. Nate reminded me the night before that tomorrow would be a "Big Day" It certainly measured up to his prediction. The morning was filled with a lot of nerves, looking for lost shoes, and remembering things like extra underwear.

The underwear was for Nate, not me.

This is what my/our day looked like.

6:30 AM - Kids woke demanding food - (Wish I had a kid snooze button.)
7:30 AM - Serve breakfast and get kids dressed
7:30 AM - Jack leaves with Mari, and I get ready for work
8:30 AM - Drop Nate off at school
9:00 AM - Drove to the office
10:00 AM - Boring meeting#1
11:00 AM - Boring meeting#2
11:30 AM - Took a coworker to a goodbye lunch
12:30 PM - Drove back down to preschool to see how Nate's day went
1:00PM - Drove back to the office
2:00PM -Boring meeting #3
3:00PM - Boring meeting#4
4:45PM - Head home
5:30PM - Feed kids dinner and attempt to put everyone in bathing suits, including me.
6:30PM- Meet Doug at the club to swim for an hour.
8:00PM- Realize that I haven't picked up the 3x5 photos that Nate's school wants - Head to Walgreens
8:30PM - Pack lunch, then fill out the "about your child" form sent home from school.

I think I lost 5 lbs just by getting in and out of my car today. (Although I did eat at In and Out burger for lunch, so it might only be -3lbs.)

Thankfully this day went incredibly smooth. The only real glitch was my bone headed lunch move. I packed Nate steak, and later found out that it was a meat free school, which I knew but totally forgot. It's also peanut free, so I'm not sure what Nate will be eating for the next 10 months. It appears that bagels and cream cheese will become the new staple in the lunch box. It all worked out in the end though.

He didn't give me a hard time about dinner, infact he ate extra chicken.

Here is the prince getting acclimated in his new classroom.


Julie Johnson said...

What a big kid! Congrats on making it through your day!

Anne said...

I'm tired just reading your blog

Deb said...

Gotta get rid of boring meetings nos. 1-4. Then, a perfect day! Nate looks so cute. Oh, and egg and tuna salad sandwiches are good.....hey, and I'm not even a mom!