September 3, 2010

Another Round of Ice

It's just so fitting that when I logged into Yahoo, the cover page was titled, "A Warning About Baseball's Head Injuries."

After what I thought would be a peaceful walk around the park, it ended yet another time with a trip home to grab ice. I should really just pack the ice ahead of the trip, and save us all some time, and tears.

Jack was the recipient this time. It was a scene straight out of Humpty Dumpty. Before I had a chance to scream, "NO don't throw that!" or better yet, "Jack get off that wall!" no sooner was Nate throwing a line drive at the tennis racket Jack was holding while standing on a wall. The problem was the ball didn't come close to the racket, it smacked Jack in the eye, and knocked him clear off the retaining wall.

I felt like I was at a Carnival watching the pins go down in a ball toss game. Of course it really wasn't funny at the time. I was incredibly angry, and upset I didn't catch the disaster waiting to happen.

So I dusted Jack off and wiped his tears, then asked Nate what in the world he was thinking. His reply, "I'm not a very good thrower MOM!" (It's important to mention this was not a tennis ball. That would have made too much sense. This was a softball.)  At that moment in time, I decided we should call it a night!

So back to the Yahoo title I referenced at the beginning of this story. The story was about how Major League Baseball should craft a stonger policy to protect players who suffer concussions. They say players shouldn't be expected to shake it off and return to the game.

I'm happy to announce this policy does exist in my rule book. Whether it was to protect the 2 year old player, or to protect the mother from losing her mind, we definitely know when to take our OWN timeouts!

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