August 28, 2010

How long was I asleep?

I spent the morning at a 3 hour coaches meeting in a gymnasium that was under construction. And when I say "under construction" I literally mean, the workers were hammering, drilling, banging, clanging behind our heads....all while we tried to learn how to coach 5 year olds.

For the first two hours, I actually felt at peace. It felt like home. During the third hour, I thought I might put somebody in a time out.

When I came home, it actually seemed kind of quiet. Was it possible that I could squeeze in a nap?

Step One: Put Jack down for a nap.
Step Two: Tell Nathan to draw or read quietly.
Step Three: Close my eyes, and pretend I'm sleeping.

Usually the three simple steps work well.

After my 10-15 minute fake nap, this is what I woke too.

Do you think it's a death trap?

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