August 26, 2010

Home Visit

So I get this call the other night around 9PM.

"Hello, is this Lori Willbanks?"

"Yes, it is."

"This is Linda, Nathan's new teacher for next year!"

"Oh hi" (Kind of caught off guard, since it was 106 in the house, and the boys were trying to sleep in my bed.)

"I want to schedule my home visit for this week."

Did she just say home visit??? Before I could think what to say, my mind started racing. Who is this again? A home visit? Why would a teacher come and do a home visit? Is this Child Protective Services? Oh crap, I should probably get my carpets cleaned.

"Oh ok. Is that typically what happens, before school?"

"Yes, I like to come and meet each child in their environment, get to know them, ask them what their favorite things are, and stay for about 20 minutes."

After I realized she was legit, I was able to communicate a little more naturally.

"Great, I think Nathan will love that!" What a nice thing to do so that the kids feel comfortable on their first day."

She asked what day would work, so I chose Friday for two very specific reasons.
1. The cleaning guys come in the morning.- Just enough time to get the floors apple juice free.
2. I could have my carpets cleaned and maybe get the red gatorade stain off the stairs, and so the house will smell a little orangy from the best carpet cleaner ever!

When I told Doug the story, he said, "Oh are you putting on heirs for the teacher!"

My reply, "Absolutely! It's the first impression a teacher will see of Nate's environment, and I want it to be the best it can be. He might not know his ABC's, but at least his mom is cleaning their house. (Or in this case, outsourcing!)

So more to come on the home visit! Pray that there are no meltdowns, and that Jack doesn't throw a shoe at her head!


Anne said...

Airs = pretentions
heirs=Nate & Jack are heirs to the Willbanks' fortune

the grammar police :)

Ride Operator said...

Nothing like a Mom to correct my grammar on a public forum. You know you really should have been an English teacher.