August 3, 2010

General Grievous

I realized today that I didn't have a gift for Nathan's birthday tomorrow. I've been so busy planning how we'll spend our Wednesday, that I've never purchased any gifts yet.

Since free time doesn't exist, I decided to head out during lunch for a little shopping.
I've been storing an e-list in my brain for the past 6 months on all the toys Nate wants for his birthday.

I walked into Toys R Us much like a kid in a candy store. Since I didn't have the boys with me I was able to grab a cart, and shop peacefully. My typical trip is spent saying, "Put it on your list!" and "Put that back, we're in a hurry!"

I casually walked past the Legos, down the sporting goods aisle, and past the 50 aisles of oversized noisy diggers. The funny part though was my inability to pull up my e-list. Here was my shining moment. What does Nate want for his birthday? I couldn't think of anything that would have been significant enough for a 5 year old's birthday.

Here is what ended up in my cart.

A digital camera (Even though I know he would be happier with an i-Phone)
A guitar
A Richard Scarry board game - Something about finding the hidden pictures. (He's really good at that.)
A baseball pitching net - He can go crazy all afternoon pitching to himself, and easily retrieving the balls.

The obviously missing, much anticipated toy was an overpriced Star Wars lego fighter. If we did not fulfill his one wish, the birthday would not be as successful. My next stop...the Lego store in Hillsdale mall. I had to choose between Anakin's fighter jet, and General Grievous's jet. (Apologies to the Star Wars freaks, since I know I'm completely butchering the aircraft names.)

I tried Doug's cell, he wasn't available. So the next best judge was some 20 year old standing in front of the display case.
I asked him, "Which one is cooler?"
He looked at me and said matter of factly, "Well General Grievous has 4 arms and each one has it's own light saber!"
ME: "Oh right.... that seems obvious. Thanks!"
(I should have put 2 and 2 together when I saw this guy flipping a coin to make his own decision. I'm not kidding.)

I walked away thinking, "Wow, what a freaky dude!" The best part though was when I called Doug to tell him what I purchased. His response, "Oh great, Nate will love that,  General Grievous has 4 arms!"

So..there you have's clearly in the male manual to know all things related to Star Wars. (It's easier for me to believe that than the alternative...I'm married to my own freaky dude.)

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Deb said...

Gee who would've thunk! I'm so impressed with Doug :)