August 1, 2010

7th inning stretch

Two churros, three hotdogs, 2 ice cream cones, 1 bag of M&M's, and 1 pretzel later we made it through Jack's 1st MLB game.
Giants vs. the Dodgers....and it didn't disappoint. We were able to make it to the 7th inning stretch, with no major meltdowns, and even witnessed the only two runs. The final score 2-0 Giants.
I was a little worried during inning 1 when Jack announced, "I wanna go home". Luckily the ice cream man walked by, and Jack's short term memory kicked in. 
The highlight was when Doug went to buy food, and no more than 2 minutes later Nathan announced he had to a voice for half of section 131 to hear!  It was clear he wan't able to hold it much longer, so I packed up our belongings and dragged both boys to the ladies room. Up three flights of stairs, past the hotdog line, through the mass crowd of people, to the end of a VERY long line.  The bathroom God's were looking down on us. Some nice lady let us cut in line after she saw Nate holding himself. I am wishing this lady good Karma for every bathroom line she ever has to wait in. "May your lines be forever short and quick!"
We stayed to sing "Take-me-Out-to-the-Ballgame", and then beelined it for the exit. I'm sure the girl in front of us didn't shed any tears when she saw us leave. Jack dripped half his ice cream cone down her chair. Luckily I had a few wipes handy. I hate to think of the Karma she put on us.

All in the all, the night was a success. The boys left with smiles on their faces, sang a few camp songs on the way home, and are safely in bed.


Anne said...

Jack never disappoints- The pictures tell the whole story- wish we were there

Sara Ancich said...

my parents were at that game in SF!! You look so cute in all your Giants gear. I love it.