July 30, 2010

ER on a Tuesday

When your week includes a trip to the ER on a Tuesday night....Friday just seems a little sweeter.

Having dinner with two BF's from college is very rare. It was Erin's birthday and she was visiting her brother's family for the week. Bubba set up a surprise dinner for Erin and our 11 kids. Yes that's correct.... between Erin, Alison, Bubba and I we have ELEVEN kids total. The picture below looks calm solely because Jack is being restrained.

After dinner the kids needed to burn some energy. Jack took it upon himself to start a game of chase. Needless to say it didn't end well for his brother. Nate tripped while running full speed and landed head first into a cement bench.

Since his face went pale and he looked like he would throw up, I made the decision to take him to the ER. Doug was working late, so luckily I had the best friends in the world with me. Alison got the ice, while Erin's husband, Trey, drove my car to the ER, and I iced Nate's head in the back seat. Erin followed behind in the car with her brother.

Doug met us at the hospital, just as we got there, so timing couldn't have been better.

It's times like this in life when you are so thankful to have best friends nearby. The outcome: No factured skull, no concussion....and rest needed for mommy over the weekend!

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