July 21, 2010

The Grizwolds on Vacation!

It's Wednesday...the day we've been waiting for all week.

It's the first day of our camping adventure/vacation.

It's 9AM, we're only two hours behind schedule and the car is packed....to the brim.

I was feeling pretty good about my packing job; thinking I must take after my Dad. He always managed to pack the car in a very organized fashion. It's the engineer in him.

This is what the car looked like when I was thinking, "Oh this isn't so bad!" "We've got this, no problem."

And this is what I found upstairs.

So I started thinking..."Do we really need clothes?"

Then I came back to reality....sort of....and decided to strap the bag to the roof rack.
We've never used our roof rack, but no time like the present. It's either the roof rack experiment, or no clothes.

If the Grizwolds can do it, so can we.

If you happen to be driving down 101 between noon and 4 today and you see a large black duffle in the middle of the road, please return to sender.


Deb said...

Oh, yeah, and you left your garage door open when you left.....good thing you've got me for a neighor, haha.
Hope you're having a great time....with or without clothes!

Ride Operator said...

Like I said Deb...the Grizwolds on vacation. Thanks for picking up our pieces! ;)