July 18, 2010

Puttin on the Ritz

My friend Jenny and I met in Kindergarten, and have been friends ever since. Ironically we now live less than a mile apart in Menlo Park. Jenny's little boy Tommy turned one yesterday, and she invited us to their secret hangout to celebrate.

As far a secret hangouts go, it's top notch.

About 10 years ago a Ritz Carlton was built in Half Moon Bay. The only time we've been was for an Easter brunch when it was first built. We still talk about the $50 hamburgers we ate. Little did we know there were other cheaper ammentities we could enjoy.

There is a public beach attached to the Ritz. Jenny and Tom showed us how to get there, and it was truly a slice of heaven. We spent the entire afternoon enjoying perfect weather, catching up, building sand castles, and chasing Jack off the rocks.

After a long week away for work, it was just what the Dr. ordered. When you see these pictures, you'll understand what I mean.

We ended the day with terrific Mexican food, cooking smore's in the Ritz's firepit, and listening to Bagpipes play while enjoying the breathtaking views of the ocean. It was a $2000 vacation for under $20 bucks.

I felt like we stepped into an episode of "$40 a day". It's a show on the Food Network, where Rachel Ray asks the locals how to enjoy paradise without breaking the bank. In our case, our "locals" were Jenny and Tom.

Tommy might not remember his first birthday, but we will for sure!

View of the Ritz, and the path to the firepits.

This actually makes me want to take up Golf.

Jenny and her birthday boy.

Doug enjoying the view

$.99 cent balloon that kept Jack entertained for hours and his favorite rocks behind him.
Path down to paradise!


Anne said...

Was Jack the only at the Ritz without pants Looks like a wonderful spot - Please take me there

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