June 1, 2010

Should have gone to Vegas

Today was my lucky day!

Nate woke up in the middle of the night vomiting. There might be nothing worse than trying to open your eyes from a dead sleep to clean up puke on the carpet, find new pjs, dress your 4 year old and change sheets. Not to mention administer medicine. I had to check the bottle 3 times just to make sure I read the dosage right. Fevers never strike at noon when you've had caffeine and your eyes can focus on more than two letters at a time.  After a few bed and pj changes things settled down around 5AM, and then my next shift started.

Jack heard the early bird gets the worm, and has taken it literally. Our official day started at 5:45AM.  Mari showed up at 7:30AM just in time for me to jump on a few conference calls at 8:00AM. Thank God for Mari.

I called the Dr. to make sure Nate had the latest version of whatever virus was going around.  I like to think my kids stay on top of the "New Releases". Sure enough they never disappoint. The Dr. prescribed some anti nausea medine and Tylenol. I rushed off to Safeway to get his medicine only to find out they didn't have the prescription, and the place was packed. (You would have thought it was flu season in mid February.)   I left my cell phone at home so I had to run back to call the Dr. and make sure they did indeed fax in the order.  I figured while I was home I would give Nate some Tylenol because his fever was now close to 102. I remembered that there was a big recall of Tylenol a few weeks ago, so I better check that out.

Here was the sign that I should have dropped what I was doing and booked a trip to Vegas.

To find out if your Tylenol bottle is part of the recall, simply go to their website and type in your code. If you're "lucky" you can throw your bottle away!  Sure enough...the eight digits with two dashes matched exactly. I should have yelled Bingo, or Plinko or something Vegas like.  Even though I had to toss my new bottle of Tylenol, I felt a little like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory...minus the gold wrapper. 

While back at Safeway, I managed to find one last bottle of generic Tylenol. (This is where my luck took a turn for the better.)

Queue the Rocky music....with generic Tylenol and anti nausea medicine in hand I rushed home to care for my patient.

It's not a completely happy ending. He's still down for the count but the fever is gone, and he's watching the premiere of Wipeout!

If you're reading this and it's after 9PM, say a little prayer that I'm not mopping the floor or scrubbing the carpet. I did take my sister's tip and built a "special fort/bed" near the bathroom. Thanks Julie!

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Julie Johnson said...

It is 9:30pm and I just decided to check out your blog...You're welcome...advice is free and I will be here all week!