May 28, 2010

Social Media Agent

I have a new title...and I'm feeling very Generation Y with it. I'm a Social Media Agent. What is that exactly?
Well...I'm sort of in the apprentice stage right now, but according to Wikipedia (All sources of truth), it's the person who helps manage a company's social media marketing. It's a person who blogs, tweets, and chats in forums in order to generate online conversations within social networks to help drive business.

Q:Well who's business am I helping to drive?

The other half to my mommy blog movie review assignment is to act as a social media agent. I've been tweeting, chatting with total strangers, researching blogs, and learning everything there is to know about Disney. I may have two young kids but I'm feeling very "instyle" with my new gig. (I need a better word for gig....that's too Gen X.)

When you get out there into the "real" world and see who is posting on forums, you realize that there is an entire world of, let's just say, people with free time.
Because I checked my free time at the door about 5 years ago, I didn't realize how many conversations I was missing. The irony though is that I barely have time to talk with my best friends, but now I'm making time to tweet with complete strangers.

Maybe my friends and I can work out a mutual agreement that for 10 hours a week we can commit to online chatting with each other. No money has to change hands, but we may need to send in a few status reports if the contract is broken. That's how it works in the "Social Media World".

Well free time is up. Back to reality....spilled Apple juice, and wheel barrel filled with dirt just made it through the back door. I have other special agent responsibilities to tend to.

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