June 2, 2010

Meet your new Carny

Nate's preschool is hosting a Surprise Penny Carnival next week for the kid's last week of school. The sign up sheet had a variety of choices, but since I've already hosted the bowling pin game, and brought lemonade, I wanted to do something a little more creative.

My choice....the rock painting booth.Well, I've renamed it to "Paint your Pet Rock." This is where the competitive side comes out, and I want my booth to be well visited. Nothing worse than seeing a Carny at the fair with no customers.
I have one main obstacle to overcome before the big day.

#1 - Where do I buy 30 rocks?

I know that seems silly, but I've never had to buy rocks before, and since it's a surprise I can't send Nate to go find 30 around town.

If you have some good ideas for making this booth as good as the "Golfish Booth" at the county fair, feel free to share. I'm all ears.

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