April 11, 2010


The expression that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree could not be any truer in our home. It's like the memory game. When you turn one card over, you need to find it's match. Well, the match has definitely been made.

After picking up my camera tonight to capture the new Lego Star Wars undertaking, I realized this was not about the project. I was capturing Doug when he was 4 years old. Take one look at Nathan and then look at Doug. There are 33 years between them, but you wouldn't know it...at times they seem to be the same age. At other times it's like the movie Freaky Friday when the mother and daughter switch roles. Doug becomes 4 and Nate becomes 37. Doug slipped when he called the new Stars Wars project "his"....umm he meant "theirs".  And Nate had to remind Doug to put him to bed. 

I really enjoy watching them together. They have the focus to spend  hours building and the patience to sift through hundreds of tiny pieces. At times they look like best friends. I caught one very sweet moment when Nate was holding Doug's arm just because he wanted to be close.
Of course that moment passed quickly when Nate said, "Mommy, stop it with the pictures!"

Our other little apple may not look the same, but he definitely has the same DNA. I captured a scene this weekend that proved genetics should not be questioned.

Many, many years ago their was an infamous story about Doug driving away from the gas station with the gas pump still attached to his car. The story still cracks me up when I hear it. Well, I looked out the window yesterday and this is what I saw. I gasped.....he may look like me, but he IS his father's son.

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Anne said...

The picture of Jack is hilarious and scary- extra insurance is needed for him. I can see Doug has gone to Lego heaven