April 15, 2010

Taxes, a Missing Wallet, and a Volcano

What do all three have in common? Each one impacted my day, and I'm not sure which one I could have controlled.

I can't claim April 15th as one of my favorite "holidays". In fact that's part of the problem. I can't claim much on April 15th. This year our tax bill single handedly funded the purchase of a new armored tank, an entire stretch of road through the desert, and the launch of one space shuttle. I'm not saying taxes aren't important, I just wish our "donation" was more in line with a few books for a new library.

To celebrate what little money we have left, I took the boys to eat at Johnny Rockets tonight. Two hotdogs, and one chicken salad later, I reached for my wallet and it was missing! I first blamed Uncle Sam, but then realized I switched my purse at lunch. I had visions of the three of us washing dishes. Which in reality wouldn't have been all that bad. The kids are pretty good with dishes, and it may have killed some time before bedtime. I explained the situation to the nice teenage waitress and promised her I would be back in 10 minutes with our money. Then I made a run for it....

Only kidding of course. I came back 10 minutes later and tried to reclaim any bit of dignity I had left. I thanked her by giving her a little extra tip. Just chalk it up to an expensive day!

And finally to top it off, I saw an email after dinner about a volcanic eruption over Iceland. I know you must be thinking how did this effect ME? Well, I planned a global training event happening in our office on Monday, and half of the presenters and participants are flying in from Northern Europe. I just hope that volcanic ash dissipates quickly so that all flights can once again be cleared for takeoff. Maybe we can throw some tax money at the problem. I'm sure there must be a slush fund somewhere we can dip into. So cross your fingers that the giant black cloud blows further East. We can't afford any more of those hangin' around.


Anne said...

Just a typical day in the willbanks boring life xoxo

Julie Johnson said...

You should have asked Natey for some money...you know he probably had some stashed in his pocket...just for such an occasion!