April 9, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

In honor of Opening Day....we took the boys to a Stanford Baseball game tonight. It's a perfect way for the boys to get their baseball fix, in the comfort of a park like setting. It really is the best way to watch the game with anyone under five. Not to mention it's the best deal in town. For under $20 our family of four had the best seats in the house.....the lawn. You can sprawl out your blanket, eat a picnic dinner and let the kids play in the grass while watching the game. It sure beats chasing after them in a restaurant while scarfing down your food.

I smiled at the ticket lady when I remembered she was the same one who asked me if the ambulance outside the gate was waiting for me, when I was nine months pregnant with Jack.  Apparently I looked even bigger than I thought. It made me appreciate the jeans I was wearing and the fact that I could see my shoes tonight. So thank you Mrs. Ticket Taker for not having a sensitivity sensor two year ago, because it made me appreciate how far I've come.

We couldn't have asked for a better night. 77 degrees and a beautiful sunset. The highlight for Nate was a bag of his first.....and last cotton candy. Once it got stuck in his hair that's when I decided it would be his last. The highlight for Jack was seeing so many balls and bats in one location.

I love living so close to Stanford, it gives us the opportunity to experience a lot of sports without the guilt of paying full price and leaving a 1/4 after the game started.

Off to get two sugared up boys into bed, but first to get Cotton Candy out of one's hair.

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