April 25, 2010

BBQ season

BBQ season has officially arrived. In my opinion, it's the best time of the year. I think the season usually starts closer to Summer, but I've bumped it up a few months. The ground hog shouldn't be the only one with a say. When the backyard temperature reads anything above 69 I start Tivoing Bobby Flay's grilling specials. Tonight's meal is bbq steak kabobs with a Greek pasta salad and fresh strawberries.

BBQ's to me mean healthy (semi) eating, fresh air, summer nights, and good times with family and friends. After becoming a parent, I added a few more reasons to my list. 
1. Just opening the back door sets everyone free. Even if the kids were mid tantrum the sunlight or the fresh air somehow fixes all their problems...and ours too.
2. Less mess on the kitchen floor. The power hose cleans up dinner....and the squirrels are little friendlier that week.

The weekend was spent BBQing, riding bikes, playing at the park past bedtime, rolling down grass hills and eating ice cream. I GET why kids LOVE being kids.

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Julie Johnson said...

What makes me laugh is that even though both boys look so happy in their "brothers" photo, Nathan, so innocently, has Jack in a choke hold. Pictures are worth a thousand words.
Looks like a fun day at the park, wish we were there to share it with you!