April 21, 2010

Going Pro in 2026

Lucille O'Neill, (Shaq's mom) just launched her first tell all book about her life on welfare, as an unwed teen mom, and raising a giant athletic superstar. She titled it, "Walk Like you Have Somewhere to Go".

Well step aside Lucille, soon there will be a new superstar on the court, field, arena, pool, diamond.......and I'm starting my first tell all. I think I'll title it "Walk Like you Have any Energy Left".

Jack Nolan Willbanks hasn't narrowed down his choice of a professional sport quite yet, but I'm 95% sure he'll be a pro. He eats, drinks, and sleeps sports...literally. (See pictures below) Now don't be fooled by the tennis racket and baseball hat in his crib. He uses that racket to get more surface area on the baseballs.

I should probably start scoping out the best box seats in the different stadiums....I'm sure our little Jack Jack will need to reserve one for his mama. Or as Jack likes to call me lately in his best Italian accent....Mamia!

1 comment:

Julie Johnson said...

I hope Aunt Julie is included in those box seats!