April 27, 2010

One Giant game of MadLibs

Do you ever find yourself making statements or asking questions that would work perfectly in a MadLibs game? You know the game where you enter adjectives, verbs and nouns, to create a nonsensical story?

Well, tonight's statements were definitely nonsensical. When taken out of context, each one was bizarre, and often alarming. Here is a list of the top statements and questions spoken tonight.

1. Why is their wet glue all over this?
2. You can't have Doritos for dinner.
3. Keep your mouth off of him.
4. What is that I stepped on?
5. How is that even physically possible?
6. That bat is going to break the window.
7. Please tell me that's chocolate on the floor?
8. Why are your toes painted black?
9. Don't sit on your brother's face.
10.Where are you going with that open pen... and scissors?
11. What does Uh Oh mean?"
12. Stop using him as a surfboard.
13. The Safeway delivery man is not a monster.
14. That's not meant to be a trampoline.
15. The lawnmower stays outside.
16. Put down the screwdriver please.
17. We're not going to Kinkos to buy rubberbands.
18. I only have Handy Manny bandaids.
19. Why do you need a hanger?

And of course my favorite one of the night....

20. Stop it.....You are scaring our butterflies!

1 comment:

Julie Johnson said...

the last one is my favorite too! It is kind of scary that I heard you say most of those lines while we were talking on the phone!