March 7, 2010


It finally came time to get Jack's hair cut again. Because his first haircut was such a pleasant experience, (heavy sarcasm) I've been putting off #2 for almost a year. When I realized I could put his hair in a small pony tail, I figured I better clean up his biker image.
I met a lady on the airplane a few weeks ago that told me about a new kid's salon near our house. I made a note to read the newspaper more. It's sad when I have to get on an airplane to hear about our local news. Then again, my main form of entertainment comes while watching Phineas and Ferb on the Disney channel. 
So I said,"Ferb...I know what we're going to do today!" Clearly I need to get out more because I'm quoting lines from episodes. At least Nate got my joke though.
I called Snip-Its; unfortunately, they don't take appointments on weekends.
Well then....this could get interesting. Jack does really well with unlimited amounts of free time in stores, or any enclosed space for that matter, but I decided to rip off the band-aid.

When we arrived I was pleasantly surprised. It looked like a mini Toon Town. There was a prize machine, a train table, and about 5 flat screen TV's with a different movie on each. The receptionist said there would be a 20 minute wait, which didn't seem that bad. I think I like this place already.

The "client" didn't seem to agree.  

He did however like the train table, the prize machine and of course the apple flavored lollipop at the end.
We will be back!


Julie Johnson said...

I can't hardly stand it...for dramatic effect the tear stained cheek does the trick.

Anonymous said...

Oh he looks like such a big boy!The tear stained face gets me too

Deb said...

Well, a pretty cool place to have a break down....He's so cute!