March 5, 2010

Some Unanswered Questions

How is it that Doug can't find the Ketchup in the front of the fridge, but Jack can find the one buried popsicle in the freezer?

Why is it that Nate answers, "I don't know" to the Eye Dr's. color test, but then can name every chair's color in the waiting room? (Even the purples ones.)

Why are my sheets the perfect temperature and my bed the perfect firmness right at the moment I hear Jack wake up?

Why is it that the umbrella I've been lugging around for weeks in dry weather is mysteriously missing from my purse the day of the downpour?

How can Nate get fully dressed in his Pediatrician's office with no prompting, but can't put his clothes on at home even if the house were burning down?

How is that Doug doesn't hit any "traffic" the night I cook spaghetti for dinner?

What happens to my Costco card between each visit? (And why do I have to renew my membership each time?)

How is it that Tivo can't seem to record "The Office" but has 30 episodes of unwatched Combat Warriors.

And of course the hardest one to answer...."Why did Dr. Seuss die? "

These are just a subset of the many questions that never get answered in the Willbanks's home. Except for the last one of course. My simple answer to Nate. "Because he was old".

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