February 4, 2014

Here's to the next decade

Turning 40 

As I reflect on the last decade I realize it's difficult to remember the details. It's been the busiest 10 years of my life, yet one of the most enlightening.
Sure...my 20's were busy going to parties, attending classes, getting my first job, going to more parties and watching countless hours of Lifetime . I guess that was "busy" to a 20 year old.

Little did I know when I blew out 30 candles in '04, that I should have wished for three things.

1. Patience
2. Friendships
3. Sleep

Patience for marriage, children, a career, and the countless demands on my time. Patience with my self in accepting these things take practice and every day is a lesson learned. (Patience to not explode when a five year old overflows the toilet for the third time in one day.)

Friendships - Don't put off making time for the friendships in your life that you cherish the most. Death doesn't just happen to old people. If you love your friends, make sure to tell them, even if it's a simple text message. The moment you realize you can't get time back, it's too late. The 30's are complicated. Having children changes your priorities and the time you have to give to other's is limited. Make sure to cherish that time and give it to the people you love most. You'll never regret creating more memories.  The past 10 years have been spent building a family and a marriage, and I wouldn't change that for the world. I only wish I had more time to nurture my existing friendships, and build on new ones. I find that spending time with friends is so rewarding. There is nothing like a good laugh, a terrific bitch session, and advice from new and old friends to help you navigate new waters.

Finally, I don't need to explain why I would have wished for more sleep. If you have kids you know. I do admit though, I feel better prepared for a natural disaster. I think having kids and sleep deprivation is great training for when we have to live on emergency supplies, make life changing decisions, or sleep on a hard floor in the wilderness. (Maybe that's a stretch.)

So bring on the 40's. I now have sleep, so watch out world. I'm working on patience, friendships and my next three wishes.....

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