July 30, 2013

Tiered Pricing

Last week I attended my first private magic show.
When I arrived home from work the boys were busy setting up.
Soon after dinner they bolted upstairs to get ready for the 6 o'clock show.
In hindsight I guess it was more of a dinner theater, without the two drink minimum.
Brooke and I were their first guests.
We arrived at the top of the stairs to see a sign with an arrow pointing to the right. CHECK-IN
We walked over to the box office (literally a cardboard box), to find Nate sitting behind the makeshift check-in desk. On the desk was a price sheet and a sign-in form. I had two options for tickets, either $1 or $10. Their tiered pricing seemed to be missing a level. Thankfully children under 3 were free.
We were handed a ticket and directed to the theater. Our greeter was Jack who collected our ticket and brought us to our seats.
I looked in their room to find every chair we own set up classroom style, three rows deep.
We of course wanted to sit in the front row to be closer to the action.
This is when our greeter also turned into our bouncer.
"The front row is for our $10 guests! Your seats are in the back row... the dollar seats."
So as Brooke and settled into the back row of an EMPTY theater I thought to myself.......their daddy would be proud!
Capitalism at it's best from a soon to be 8 year old and his lovely assistant.

June 24, 2013

Family Firsts

I wasn't anticipating such a fun first week of Summer. In fact, I sort of dread Summer, minus the family vacations and a break from homework. I'm of the opinion that school keeps kids out of trouble, and without an organized schedule, they start to kill each other....literally kill each other.

I've heard of those Mom's who are excited to have their kids home with them all day, and as much as I love my kids, I have to wonder....are their kids different than mine? They must have the kind that love quiet puzzles, and whisper around the house. Or maybe they have the kind that love sharing a room, and rock each other to sleep.
I have the kind that scream from the top bunk, "Moooom, can you turn the light off, I can't sleep, while the bottom bunk crys, "But Moooom, it's not FAIR....I can't sleep without a light!" And so on and so on......

Before I digress too far, I was trying to highlight the fun parts of the week. It was filled with firsts, and made me appreciate all the exciting times ahead for our family of 5.

We had our first family trip to a Giant's game...in the Coupons.com suite. Unfortunately we will never be able to bring the kids to another run of the mill game again. Once you experience the suite, you never want to go back to bleachers, let alone Club level.

On Sunday we made a spontaneous decision to take everyone to the movies. It was Brooke's first time. We saw Monsters University, and Brooke made it through the entire movie. It didn't start to get sketchy until the last 10 minutes when she started shouting that she had poo poo.... in a very loud voice...over an over again.

She looks a little cross eyed here, but I love her pink hat, and the fact that she kept it on her head.
Life is always good when daddy is holding her.
I consider this a success. All 5 people looking at the same camera.

February 18, 2013

I wonder?

Often after spending a fun filled day with these three munchkins, I wonder what life would be like if I gave up the fast paced corporate world.

I wonder:
Would life be simpler?
Would I be picking up toys from morning till night?
Would I be better organized with labeled baskets?
Would I have richer interactions with the kids because we would have more one on one time?
Would I have more time for exercise? (I know that's a joke.....)
Would the house be tidy and the beds made?
Would I have time to make dinner and include the vegetables?
Would homework not be as hard because it would be done by 4pm?
Would I make cupcakes, just because I had time to?
Would I not be searching frantically for matching socks at 7:00AM?
Would I have time to wait for Orkin for two hours when a stupid rat dies in our attic...on a Wed.?
Would I have more friends because I have time to make deeper connections?
Would we have enough money for a Tuesday night dinner at a local Mexican restaurant?
Would I feel as rewarded as when I'm recognized for accomplishments at work?
Would I find it easy to re-enter the corporate world when I'm ready, or will I ever want to again?

And the biggest thing I wonder about is if when they are grown they will tell me they wished I stayed at home when they were little? And will I be crushed when they do?

I am an under no illusion that the stay at home route is much easier than a corporate life. Infact, I know that I would miss the days of a quiet lunch at my desk and the catered meals or the many fun interactions I have with coworkers.
But I have to wonder that the day to day needs of a household would be somewhat easier for me to accomplish, merely because I wouldn't be juggling a full time job.

I'm often asked by others how I manage it all. The simple answer is that every day I pick my priorities, and determine what I won't sacrifice.

I won't be leaving my full-time job any time soon, but every now and then, I just wonder if my daily list would not be as complicated to prioritize?

January 5, 2013

The Aftermath

If I could change one thing about the holidays, it would most definitely be the aftermath.

You know it's time to cleanup when you have to start looking behind toys to find your children.

In my attempt at procrastinating a little longer, Nathan and I watched an episode of Hoarders.
That's all I needed. One episode of Hoarders and one box of 56 extra large trashbags later we are back to normal....downstairs.

(I use the word normal loosely)

Now if  I could just find the energy to de-clutter the entire 2nd story we would be in great shape.

I guess I'll have to watch another episode of hoarders.......

Here's to a clutter free 2013! Happy New Year!