February 18, 2013

I wonder?

Often after spending a fun filled day with these three munchkins, I wonder what life would be like if I gave up the fast paced corporate world.

I wonder:
Would life be simpler?
Would I be picking up toys from morning till night?
Would I be better organized with labeled baskets?
Would I have richer interactions with the kids because we would have more one on one time?
Would I have more time for exercise? (I know that's a joke.....)
Would the house be tidy and the beds made?
Would I have time to make dinner and include the vegetables?
Would homework not be as hard because it would be done by 4pm?
Would I make cupcakes, just because I had time to?
Would I not be searching frantically for matching socks at 7:00AM?
Would I have time to wait for Orkin for two hours when a stupid rat dies in our attic...on a Wed.?
Would I have more friends because I have time to make deeper connections?
Would we have enough money for a Tuesday night dinner at a local Mexican restaurant?
Would I feel as rewarded as when I'm recognized for accomplishments at work?
Would I find it easy to re-enter the corporate world when I'm ready, or will I ever want to again?

And the biggest thing I wonder about is if when they are grown they will tell me they wished I stayed at home when they were little? And will I be crushed when they do?

I am an under no illusion that the stay at home route is much easier than a corporate life. Infact, I know that I would miss the days of a quiet lunch at my desk and the catered meals or the many fun interactions I have with coworkers.
But I have to wonder that the day to day needs of a household would be somewhat easier for me to accomplish, merely because I wouldn't be juggling a full time job.

I'm often asked by others how I manage it all. The simple answer is that every day I pick my priorities, and determine what I won't sacrifice.

I won't be leaving my full-time job any time soon, but every now and then, I just wonder if my daily list would not be as complicated to prioritize?

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