April 6, 2011

Smuggling a Bowling Ball?

Two weeks to go.....That's what I tell myself, and if you read this post, you'll understand my math.

Lately, I've been getting comments like, "Are you due today? or "Are you smuggling a bowling ball?" Personally that's my favorite. It came from the Trader Joes sample man. (A place I frequent too often.)

I'm officially on maternity leave, and it feels fantastic. Monday was my first day, and with the kids off at school and the park, I took time to do some writing. The only problem....I kept falling asleep. You could hear a pin drop in the house, and I'm clearly not used to that level of silence and relaxation. Since I don't know where my next nap will come from, I didn't fight it. If silence is the only hazard to this job, I'll take it. I know it can't last long.

After an even better weekend with best girlfriends.....shopping, lunching, staying in a nice hotel, and sleeping in....I could definitely get used to this life. I plan on taking full advantage of the next four months.

Life is good...even if I am smuggling a bowling ball!

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