March 13, 2011

Sprint Training Roundup

The young Angel lineup is looking solid this year. Most importantly, no injuries...yet.
Their first spring training practice started with rule #1.
1. Bats are for hitting the ball ONLY.  (Funny...we have the same rule in our house.)

The team ran three very strategic drills.
1. Run the bases, and say the base number when you touch the bag. (Amazing how many "home" plates there are.)
2. Throwing. Pick a partner and play catch. Our little smart alack threw the first two pitches about 10 ft beyond his partners head. But the players were quick learners and adjusted their distance accordingly.
3. Batting practice. The team has some strong starters this year. A few balls even made it past the infield.

A special mention really for his father's benefit. Nathan Willbanks had the furthest hit of the day. Five years of practice in the front yard, dodging cars as he shagged balls, has started to pay off. I could see the joy in Doug's face, and know that comment went straight to his head...I mean heart!

The first official game isn't for a few weeks, but the team is looking ready!

Players to keep an eye on: Nathan Willbanks Age - 5.5, Weight 42lbs, Height - (who knows, we can't find the measuring tape.) Salary - $1 a day. Future Goals - When he grows up he wants to be a Hotel Man. (whatever that means.)

The Motley Crew

Ready for Anything
Probably negotiating with the Coach

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Anne said...

Natey looks so much older and looks ready for the big leagues-- Go Angels Have a Great Season! xoxo