September 21, 2010

The Reason for Locks

Jack is the reason that locks were invented. Toilet locks, cabinet locks, front and back door locks, medicine cabinet locks, etc. etc. If the label reads, "Keep away from children," or "Not for Children Under 3", it's an open invitation for Jack to seek it out, and make it his own.

I've tried moving things to the highest cabinets, but no, that doesn't discourage Jack, it's now an opportunity. He'll drag a chair twice as big as him up five flights of stairs just to get to the Desitin lotion. Once he's there he'll proceed to open it, and smear it all over his hands. If you've ever tried to get diaper cream off your hands, you'll understand the issue.

If for two minutes, I turn my back and leave the craft box open, I later find Jack has glued his shirt to his belly, but not before stamping his body full of red and blue trains. 

I know the fun has just begun with Jack. He's just lucky he's so cute!

While I was writing this last night, I gave him an ice cream cone, and strapped him into his chair. Chocolate and Jack don't mix. He was quiet for 5 minutes, when I heard him say, "Mom, more ice cream pleeaase!" I had to laugh when I saw his face!

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