September 15, 2010

On the Merry Go Round

Some days my life feels like the book, "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie". Actually everyday! Try it. You can put any scenario to it, really.

If I open the garage door, Jack will want to go outside.
Once he's outside, he'll sit on the neighbors front step and refuse to move.
When you move him back in, he'll run outside again.
When you pick him up and move him in again, he'll strip off his clothes.
Once his clothes are off, you have to dress him, so as not to be late for swimming.
When you put him in the car, he'll take off his shoes.
When you say, "uggh.....he'll say, "Mommy why are you so fwustrated?"
You'll ask, "How old are you?" He'll say 2!

Another scenario

If you open the door to the backyard, Jack will want to go outside.
Once he's outside, he'll want to play with the water.
Once he's flooded the yard, he'll want to change his clothes.
While you're getting new clothes for Jack, Nathan will want to wash his hands, upstairs.
When Nathan trys to turn on the sink, he yells to you that the water isn't working.
When you run upstairs, you realize he's right.
When you go to check on Jack, you realize he's shut the water main off.
When you go to tell Nate, Jack turns the main back on.
When Nate turns the sink back on, the faucet with explode causing Nate to lose it.
You will run upstairs to help Nate, and Jack will turn off the water main off again.

And so it goes. Like the title of this blog...On the Merry Go Round!


Deb said...

OMG! I don't know whether to laugh or bring you a cookie! xo

Anne said...

Never a dull moment but you keep me laughing!