August 7, 2010

Rule #1 - Always wear a helmet

Yesterday, Nathan got a new scooter from Grandma and Grandpa Selikov for his 5th birthday day.
The first thing he wanted to do this morning was of course ride it. It was either do that, or play his new guitar.
Since our house has a no music ordinance before 7AM, the only option was to ride in the backyard.
Rule #1 in our home - you HAVE to wear a helmet when stepping on anything with wheels. Nate follows the rules pretty well, as we all know. Jack on the other hand is a different story.
When we gave Nate his new scooter, Jack got Nate's "old" one.
We tried to put a bike helmet on Jack, but the helmet was too small. I guess it's time to get the 14yrs and up size. (Pretty soon, he'll grow into that head.)
Since his helmet kept falling off, we needed a new solution...we improvised. 

The perfect solution for Jack - a baseball helmet.

If you're looking at the backyard thinking, my god it's messy. I would love to say it's not always like that, but it is. And actually Nate had just cleaned up the toys, so picture it with about 30 other pieces of plastic lying on the cement.

We are in desperate need of an acre!

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